California condom bill shelved by state senate

By Jorie Goins,

Adult filmmakers will not have to disclose whether or not their employees used protection after a California bill that hoped to make it a requirement was shelved Thursday by the California senate.

Last week we reported that a Los Angeles city law that required male adult film stars to wear condoms had negatively impacted adult film production. We also reported that California senators wanted to make the requirement a state law.

Now, Business Week is reporting that the law was cast aside by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The specific law would have required that filmmakers document that their stars used condoms and provide said documentation if a complaint was filed with the state.

Ironically, although this law which would have regulated adult filmmakers was pushed to the back burner, a suggested annual tax credit to Hollywood studios was raised to $400 million to stop the outsourcing of TV and movie production to other states, thus keeping production mainly in California.

All were not pleased with the senate's decision. “It is unfortunate that some legislators don’t believe that protection should include keeping California actors safe while they are at work,” said Isadore Hall, a Democratic assemblyman who also sponsored the bill.



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