California man accused of intentionally spreading HIV

By Melissa Barclay,

A San Diego man has pleaded not guilty after he was accused of spreading HIV to dozens of men by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office.

Thomas Guerra, 29, was accused by his ex-boyfriend who remained anonymous. The man, who dated Guerra and is also a victim, came forward saying that the text messages revealed his actions, reported CBS News.

“There's hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of text messages where he's talking about intentionally infecting people with HIV,” said the man, who remained anonymous.

Guerra was originally accused by another man who he dated. He came forward and provided San Diego police with other text messages. In some of the text messages, Guerra bragged about spreading the virus, calling it his "positive load."

According to the Associated Press, Guerra’s attorney, James M. V. Fitzpatrick, said his client is maintaining his innocence. Guerra will be arraigned on Sept. 2, and will not enter a guilty plea until then.

Fitzpatrick said the claim was made by the ex-boyfriend because the couple had a falling out, resulting in a break up.



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