‘Chasing Life’ Recap: ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting Chemo’

By Christine M. Sellers,

On this week’s episode of Chasing Life, Sara and George share an intimate moment, Dominic learns about April’s cancer, and Brenna finally chooses between Kieran and Greer.

The episode opens at the Carver house. Sara asks more about Brenna’s trip to Miami with the Eco club and Greer. Brenna says the trip was good, still choosing to withhold her tense encounter with Natalie. Pleasantly surprised by Brenna’s choice to branch out and expand her circle of friends, Sara invites Greer to dinner. She thinks Greer is having a good influence on Brenna. A few moments later, April enters and joins the rest of her family in the kitchen. She chooses not to have breakfast since her eggs are going to be harvested and she could get sick from the anesthesia. April’s family cracks jokes about the procedure, but she doesn’t stop them. April says she wants everything to be normal since chemo starts in two days.

In the fertility specialist’s waiting room, Sara asks April about having a “before chemo” party and April seems to really like the idea. Sara also shares stories about her pregnancy with April before April gets called back to the doctor. Cue opening credits.

Brenna and Kieran are at The Charles coffee house. Brenna mentions her trip to Miami with the Eco club. Kieran invites Brenna to a concert, hoping they can spend more time together, since he hadn’t heard from her the entire time she was gone. Brenna isn’t sure about going, because April will be in the hospital.

Kieran gets upset and makes an insensitive comment, but quickly apologizes. Kieran asks Brenna about having a date night later instead, but Brenna says she wants to hang out with Greer and Kieran thinks Brenna’s breaking up with him. Brenna says she isn’t breaking up with him, but does have something to tell him. Brenna confesses that she also likes Greer, causing Kieran to grill her about their relationship. When Brenna asks Kieran if he’s “cool” with her dating both him and Greer, Kieran responds that it’s okay.

Back at the Carver house, Beth suggests April stay home after the procedure instead of going to the gubernatorial debate. April really wants to see Leo since she hasn’t seen or heard from him since they kissed after Jackson’s “funeral.”

April feels sick, so Beth offers to accompany her to work and take care of her. They go to the debate and see Leo. April tells Beth to leave and watch the debate, because it will look weird if she follows her around and that they will meet up later. Beth seems hurt, though she respects April’s wishes.

Meanwhile, at April’s house, Greer has met Brenna’s family. While making conversation, Greer mentions that her parents are out of town. Sara offers to let Greer stay with them and Greer happily accepts. The doorbell suddenly rings and Brenna goes to answer it, thinking it’s the Chinese food they ordered. Instead, she’s surprised to see her friend, Ford standing there. Brenna invites Ford to dinner and she accepts, a little annoyed that Greer will also be joining them.

Back at the debate, April and Raquel are watching live coverage on TV and Raquel is being a snark as usual. A reporter is interviewing Leo and all is going well until he starts to slur his speech (obviously because of his brain tumor). April notices and becomes worried.

Ambulances arrive at the debate, and Beth worries about April, but April finds her and tells her it’s for Leo. Leo’s parents persuade him to go to the hospital, but Leo stubbornly refuses. He changes his mind a few moments later.

During dinner at the Carver house, Greer and George bond over their shared love of traveling and Ford becomes annoyed when Greer invites Brenna to join her on her trip to Guatemala during the summer.

The debate continues and April takes notes for her article for the Boston Post. When Bruce Hendrie goes to make a rebuttal against his rival’s previous claims, he is clearly off, because of the incident that occurred with Leo. Eventually, Bruce apologizes and decides to leave to be with his son since Leo is more important than the debate.

Following the incident with Leo, Beth is crying in the bathroom and has an encounter with Raquel. She inadvertently lets it slip that April is sick, too. Beth admits she’s scared for April and wants her to get better. She says she doesn’t know what she’d do if she lost her. Raquel tells Beth she “needs to be her own best friend.” Soon enough, Beth finds April again. April says Leo isn’t answering his phone.

April finds Leo at the hospital and begs him to have the surgery. Leo gets angry and says April’s approval is irrelevant and that he doesn’t need her. April says it will be it for them if he won’t try to get the surgery when she starts treatment soon. She says goodbye to him.

When April leaves Leo’s room, she runs into her doctor who shows her where she’ll be staying during treatment. Dr. Hamburg also gives April some advice about going into treatment, including shaving her head beforehand. April sighs, knowing she’ll be in the hospital for a long time.

Back at the Carver house, Sara accidentally walks in on Brenna and Greer making out. And while Sara initially walks out, she returns a few moments later, asking Greer if she can have a few moments alone with Brenna. When Greer leaves, Sara asks Brenna about what happened between her and Kieran. Brenna confesses that she’s still dating him even though she’s also dating Greer. Brenna couldn’t look more uncomfortable.

April returns home shortly after and Sara is still a little stunned by having walked in on Brenna and Greer. April and her mom chat briefly, but April goes into her room to pack for chemo and finish other work.

At the Boston Post, everyone is being weird with April. She realizes they know about her leukemia.

Raquel gives April an assignment and says she isn’t pleased about April’s upcoming leave of absence from work. April reminds Raquel that she’s sick. Raquel brushes April off. Soon enough, Beth shows up and asks April if she wants to grab lunch. April tells Beth that everyone knows about her leukemia now.

When April speculates on who spilled the beans, Beth confesses she accidentally blabbed to Raquel, not knowing who she was talking to. April gets upset and a fight ensues. Beth wants to fix her mistake, but April won’t have it. They part ways.

When April returns to work, she tries to joke around with Danny, but he won’t go for it as he is busy writing an article. April notes the shift in attitude, before focusing on her own article.

At school, Ford catches up with Greer and starts a conversation. Ford asks how Greer turned Brenna into a lesbian. Greer says she wants her and Ford to become friends for Brenna’s sake.

Back at work, April sends an email with her latest assignment completed then packs up her desk. When April gets into the elevator and sees Raquel, she thanks Raquel for not treating her any differently now that she knows April is sick.

At the Carver house, everyone is preparing for April’s “before chemo” party. The doorbell rings and Brenna answers only to find Kieran there. He drops off a gift for April as a way to apologize for his insensitive remark about her to Brenna. Brenna apologizes for not inviting him, thinking that he wouldn’t want to be in the same room as Greer. Kieran says he doesn’t mind and decides to join everyone.

When April arrives home, she is greeted by her family, plus Kieran, Greer, and Ford. Her family has already taken care of getting everything ready for when she goes into the hospital, so her only job is to have fun. April is appreciative of their kind gesture.

During the party, Kieran and Ford chat and Kieran confesses he isn’t as comfortable with Brenna simultaneously dating both him and Greer as he thought. He and Ford sneak out of the room.

April finds Beth drinking outside alone and they apologize for getting upset with each other. April says her cancer is “weirdly a gift,” because it allows her to see things from a different perspective. She mentions how she’s tried calling Dominic to tell him about her story that is being published in the Post, since it reveals she has leukemia, but her efforts have been futile. Beth tells April to come inside with her because there’s one more thing she wants to do for April.

Brenna walks in on Kieran and Ford kissing and a fight ensues. A few moments later, Greer walks in and finds out that Brenna has been dating both her and Kieran at the same time. Kieran forces Brenna to choose between him and Greer. Brenna chooses Greer.

April gets a taste of what she’ll look like when she’s lost her hair with the help of Beth and a “skull cap.” Beth tells April that she’s “gonna get her through chemo.”

When April says goodnight to her grandma, Emma, Emma offers her “pot brownies.” Emma’s friend, Gertie has a prescription for medical marijuana because of her glaucoma, that’s how Emma got it. The medical marijuana is supposed to help nausea.

April goes to her room and tries calling Dominic again. When he doesn’t answer this time, she leaves a message telling him to keep an eye out for her story in tomorrow’s newspaper. She tells him to call her.

Downstairs, Sara cleans up after the party and George offers to help. They reminisce about the housewarming party Sara and Tom had when Tom was still alive. All of a sudden, George kisses Sara. Things become tense afterward, so George decides to go home.

Later on, Sara watches April while she sleeps, and then crawls into bed with her.

The next morning, April wakes up alone and stays in bed for a few extra minutes. Sara and Emma read April’s article in the paper while Brenna gets ready. Soon enough, April is dressed and ready to go.

Raquel reads April’s article while the Carvers leave to go to the hospital. April lingers in the doorway staring at the interior of her house longingly.

Meanwhile, Dominic reads April’s article while he’s on tour and is shocked to learn about her cancer.

Chasing Life airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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