Chick-fil-A introduces chicken and waffle breakfast

By Daniel S Levine,

The new fast food battles are over breakfast and Chick-fil-A is upping its game by introducing a chicken and waffle item, as well as other new breakfast options.

The new menu does include a solo maple waffle, but who would order that when you can order a waffle with a piece of chicken? It is a popular pairing in the South and it will now be available elsewhere.

Chick-fil-A is also going to offer Cinnamon Swirls (three cinnamon buns in one); Egg White Chicken Grill (grilled chicken and egg whites on an English muffin); Multigrain Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit; and Greek Yogurt Parfait.

The new items will only be available in middle Georgia; Inland Empire, California; greater Philadelphia; and Memphis, Tennessee. As USA Today notes, there is no word if the menu will expand nationally. However, if these items are a success, they probably will expand the list of markets, like was Taco Bell did with its unique breakfast menu.

Last year, the Mexican food chain launched a breakfast menu that includes items like the Waffle Taco. The menu went national earlier this year and got a unique Ronald McDonald ad campaign.

image courtesy of Brooks/Campos/INFphoto.com



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