China to start American football league

By Leighton Schneider ,

China has approved an indoor arena American football league starting in 2015.

According to Sports Illustrated, the China American Football League will start with two conferences with six to eight teams in each conference. A franchise can be bought for $10 million and each owner will get a part of the TV licensing rights.

So far Martin Judge, an owner of The Philadelphia Soul in the Arena Football league and founder of The Judge Group; Ron Jaworski, an ESPN NFL broadcaster and former MVP of the Philadelphia Eagles; and Gary Morris, the President on the Judge Group are the main figures in this venture, according to AFL China.

Bloomberg reports that the roster will include 12 Chinese players and eight American players and coaches from the AFL.

Judge told the Washington Post that, with the Chinese government’s approval, the league will be able to grow exponentially.

Judge also thinks that the league will be a better fit for China than the NFL is in the U.S.

The league plans on having an all-star game in Macau and a championship game to be held at the best team’s stadium.

The AFL had an all-star game last November in Beijing, which was popular among the Chinese fans.



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