Cosmo draws Kim Kardashian & Kanye West as Disney characters

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Need something to look at for a few minutes that is guaranteed to make you crack a smile? Then Kim Kardashian and Kanye West drawn as Disney couples will do just the trick.

Cosmopolitan decided to envision the famous power couple as iconic Disney couples such as Anna and Kristoff from Frozen, Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin and even Peter Pan and Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, reports E! Online.

The most popular photo so far has been of Kim and Kanye as Sirabi and Mufasa from The Lion King posing in the iconic opening number where the son Simba - in this case baby girl North - is held by Rafiki - a hilariously drawn Kris Jenner - displaying the new heir.

The couple has yet to comment on the photos but many are confident that Kanye will be on board considering he compared himself to a character from Wreck-it Ralph named Vanellope von Schweetz. West had used the girl and her glitch during the film as an analogy to how the fashion world perceives his talent as a designer.

“You remember how that girl in there — the people that was racing? She was the glitch," West said. "You're telling me they don't look at me like the motherf--king glitch? You're telling me people don't look at Kanye West like the glitch?"

Check out all of the drawings at Cosmopolitan.com.

image via Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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