Couple arrested for kidnapping Amish girls planned more abductions

By Michelle Kapusta,

Authorities said that the couple arrested Friday for the kidnapping of two young Amish sisters had planned more abductions.

According to USA Today, during a news conference, St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells said "there was the definite potential" for the kidnapping of more children. And now additional charges may be filed against the pair.

The New York Daily News noted that Stephen Howells, 39 and his girlfriend Nicole Vaisey, 25, were arrested Friday after they were questioned by investigators.

The sisters were abducted from their family’s farm stand in Oswegatchie, New York on Wednesday. Wells said that the couple allegedly used “coercion tactics” to lure the 7-and 12-year-old into a vehicle.

The girls turned up about 24 hours later at a location approximately 15 miles from where they were taken.

Further information about the girls’ abduction has not been provided as the Amish are very private people.

The suspected kidnappers were arraigned on charges that they intended to physically harm or sexually abuse the victims.



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