David Duchovny of 'Californication' to divorce longtime wife Tea Leoni

By Mihir Shah,

Californication star David Duchovny is undergoing a divorce with Téa Leoni after a breakdown of their relationship.

According to People.com, Duchovny, 54, and Leoni, 48, are to divorce after 17 years of being together. A source confirms to People that the two have been separated for months.
TMZ reported that the divorce papers were filed in June citing "an irretrievable breakdown" as the reason for the divorce.

The couple have two children, Kyd Miller, 12, and Madeline West, 15. Even though the couple are to share joint legal custody of their offsprings, Leoni is to primarily have physical custody. Duchovny is to pay over $8000 a month for child support including additional expenses for summer camp, private school and college. In addition to that, he would pay $40k a month in spousal support.

The couple were happily married from 1997 to 2008. When the couple initially separated in 2008, Duchovny entered rehab for sex addiction. They couple then got back together after separating for a second time in 2011.

Credit: INFphoto.com



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