'Days of our Lives' weekly recap: 7/28-8/1

By Samantha Glick,

Daniel was captured by Kristen. Sami forced Kayla to fire Abby from her hospital job. Will began his attack on his mother. Victor and Eve had words with each other. JJ and Paige got closer. Nicole was there for Brady as a friend. Jordan found out about Rafe and Kate. Clyde continued to stalk his kids for the money they stole. Victor got the upper-hand on EJ regarding DiMera Enterprises.

Eric and Daniel discussed his future as a priest before Nicole entered the community room at the hospital. Eric left, leaving Daniel and Nicole alone. She learned there was no change with John's condition all while Daniel was cold toward her. He was still upset for what she did to Eric, claiming she hurt him more than Kristen did. In the waiting room, Theresa found Anne and seemed relieved at the likelihood that John would die. Marlena and Roman were visiting with John when Eric stopped by his hospital room. He informed his parents he was off to Rome to clear his name. They're happy that there might be a chance for him. Eric gave John a blessing before leaving. He bumped into Nicole who apologized. He assured her he was going to Rome with her, giving her hope. Roman could tell Marlena still loved John, so he left them alone. Marlena had a bad feeling about something happening.

JJ found that Eve's lawsuit made the paper at home. He remembered the disastrous date night with Paige. When Jennifer entered, he told her he was turning in his community service vest. She cheered for her son, but could also tell something was bothering him. JJ said he didn't want to discuss it, making Jenn go on about how proud she was of him.

At Club TBD, Paige also remembered her date with JJ. Eve laughed about the lawsuit making headlines nearby. Her throat surgeon called, and she spoke about juggling accounts before hanging up. Paige noticed her mother and wasn't happy to discover the lawsuit was already in the papers.

Abe went to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Brady and Victor that due to lack of evidence, the DA decided not to press charges. Victor was happy, while Brady still felt guilty. Daniel dropped by to tell the two men there was still hope for John. He informed them of his medical conference in St. Louis.

Theresa received a call from big sister Eve in the Horton Town Square. While she gushed about the front page news, Theresa had other things on her mind. Eve wanted to ask for a favor, but Theresa hung up on her. Paige went to see JJ, who apologized for going too far the other night. She admitted she overreacted and smiled at him. JJ's boss walked up to him to say his community service was finished. He was glad to be proven wrong about him. The two men shook hands, and JJ and Paige walked off.

Daniel did not want to be bothered with Eve when he left the Kiriakis mansion. Victor warned Brady not to give any money to Theresa when they get their annulment.

He opened the door to Eve and cracked, "Anybody order a hooker?" The two sniped at each other about the lawsuit. She asked about her sister, but Victor said he dropped her. He told her to leave town, but Eve fought back that she was staying to claim what was hers.

Theresa met with Brady in the park, who told her the annulment papers were being drawn up. They agreed to maintain their friendship. When he left, she told herself it was a bump in the road. She pondered why she felt bad, though.

Eric remembered getting aroused from his argument with Nicole at St. Luke's. Father Timothy began to question Eric's feelings for her.

Eve found a distraught Theresa at home. Theresa told her sister it was just allergies. Anne arrived as the two women introduced themselves. Theresa sent Eve away, but she decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. Theresa announced that Brady was annulling their marriage. Anne was confused as to why Theresa was happy at the possibility of John never waking up. She got a page and left. Eve reentered the apartment and admitted to overhearing their conversation. She wanted more information.

Nicole visited Brady at home. She was glad to hear their friendship was still intact. She wanted to help him through his rough time.

JJ and Paige professed their love for each other in the park.

Victor arrived at Jenn's to complain about Eve. He offered to hire the best lawyers and all the money she needed to help her beat Eve. He brought up Daniel, and Jenn said she had to move on from him.

Daniel got to his hotel room in St. Louis and was knocked out by a goon as soon as he walked in. We saw a pair of legs which belonged to Kristen.



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