'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 8/18-8/22

By Samantha Glick,

Will's article was published. Kristen was released on bail. Sami asked EJ for help. Clyde began to blackmail Kate. Abigail felt more ashamed. Sonny blew up on Sami. Eve complained about Jennifer's offer. Paige was on to her mother about Theresa. Ben was there for Abigail. Hope found out Aiden lied to her.

Kate and Sami had breakfast at the mansion before they were interrupted by EJ. He hinted at his previous conversation with Kate, making Sami question her. Kate simply stated that Stefano was going to go after them for their takeover at DiMera Enterprises. Later, Sami informed Kate there would be an article released, detailing the sordid details of how they took over DiMera Enterprises. Kate tried to get lawyers involved, but simmered down when Sami told her Will wrote the article.

Sami tried to do damage control herself with the individual members of the board. Both women feared their reactions to the article. Plus, it would be enough to push Stefano over the edge as he would be publicly humiliated. Sami first spoke with Shin, who strongly hinted that Sami should reconcile with EJ. It would be best for the company.

EJ later arrived at the mansion from his jog to find Sami slowly thawing towards him. She asked if he would be okay with the kids going to sleep-away camp for awhile. He started to get suspicious of her as he went upstairs to shower.

Will and Sonny were at their apartment, anxiously awaiting his article's publication online. Will accused Sonny of not being supportive when he voiced his reservations about what the article could do to his family. The couple made up, and Kate dropped by to get answers from her grandson. Will coldly reminded her of the influences in his life thanks to her and his parents; they used deceptive methods to get what they wanted. Kate said she never used her methods on the people she cared about. As she was about to leave, Will apologized for dragging her into his mess. The two shared a hug before she left.

Abigail was out with Arianna when she ran into Ben. The two talked and shared some romantic moments in the park. EJ, who was out on a jog, watched the couple from afar before making his presence known.

Hope visited Jennifer at the Horton house where she casually asked her cousin about her date with Aiden from the previous night. JJ overheard and pressed his mother for details. Jennifer told her son that she and Aiden did have plans, but they fell through because of what happened with Kristen. She added her relationship with Aiden was strictly platonic - they were good friends connecting over Eve's lawsuit.

Aiden was next to arrive at the Horton house, and as soon as he saw Hope, the two acted very uncomfortable with each other. Jennifer reentered the living room where the two were waiting, and Aiden made an excuse to leave. Jennifer told Hope there was no date with Aiden, making Hope realize he was playing mind games with her. She later saw him at the Brady Pub and asked why he lied to her.

Eve continued to use her intel on Theresa to get her to have a talk with Paige. Theresa introduced herself to her unsuspecting niece and acted happy that she was dating JJ. She reinforced his wild and fun side, hinting at her own experience with him. However, Paige was on to the scheme and confronted Eve about it.

Earlier at the Horton Town Square, Eve bumped into JJ and Rory and voiced her disapproval of him, comparing him to his father even more. JJ just let roll off his back.



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