'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 8/18-8/22, Page 2

By Samantha Glick,

Kristen awaited to hear of her fate in a common room at the police station. The grand jury proceedings were happening, and Nicole couldn't wait to confront Kristen herself. She told her nemesis she just testified, but couldn't wait to be alone in a room with her. Kristen fought back as she taunted Nicole about losing Eric and his love because of concealing evidence that could have cleared his name sooner. The two women rough each other up before Kristen is taken to the proceedings herself. We were told of one more witness who had to be heard, and Kristen came face-to-face with Eric.

Daniel saw Brady, who voiced his gratitude that he brought his ex-fiance back to face the charges against her. Brady declared he had no intention of ever seeing Kristen, which is why he wrote a statement that was to be read before the grand jury. Victor promised if the courts wouldn't handle Kristen, he would.

In a private conversation, Daniel asked his mother to help Jennifer with the lawsuit against Eve. Maggie thought of something that would get her to back off her niece. Meanwhile, Daniel saw Eric, who informed the doctor he was given an opportunity to return to the priesthood, but declined because of his feelings. Brady was tempted to drink because of the stress over Kristen's return.

Paige confronted her mother over her using "Auntie Theresa" to undermine her belief in JJ being a good guy. She voiced her commitment to her boyfriend and deferring from Stanford for a year. She even talked to the school herself again after Eve interfered.

Marybeth gave JJ a hard time at the town square about Paige deciding not to go to Stanford. She even questioned whether he truly changed or not. His own friend, Rory even had doubts. JJ told him to leave him alone at that point. Later, JJ and Paige met at the park to watch Parker for Daniel. While Paige was playing with him, JJ still felt horrible about his past.

Hope confronted Aiden about why he was trying to make her believe he was dating Jennifer. He finally admitted he was worried she had developed feelings for him because of their intimate dance at the gala. She immediately denied it and turned it around that he was the one who developed feelings for her. They went their separate ways, evidently still in denial about each other.

Jennifer met with Aiden to discuss the case when Maggie dropped by with a proposal to help her. She and Victor offered to sweeten the deal, forcing Eve to settle out of court and drop the lawsuit. Jennifer liked the offer, but made sure Aiden added a mysterious clause that was attached to the proposal. Eve was already worried about not getting anything to support her daughter as is. Jennifer presented the deal to her; if she wanted it, it had to be taken now.

Jennifer ran into Eric, who was next to find out he could have returned to the priesthood. He later had more disturbing fantasies about Nicole as he couldn't get her off his mind.



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