'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 8/18-8/22, Page 3

By Samantha Glick,

Eric went to the courthouse to give his testimony before the grand jury. Kristen attempted to apologize to the former priest, against the advice of her lawyer. While on the stand, Eric vividly recounted everything he remembered from the night Kristen drugged him. An indictment is handed down, listing all of Kristen's crimes, past and present. DA Trask asked for bail to be denied, but the judge had other ideas. Kristen began to smile.

Brady fought the urge to take a drink and was successful. He encountered Theresa, who informed him she was in the know about Kristen's return. The conversation got uncomfortable for Theresa right away when Brady continued to remain positive that John would recover.

Nicole caught up with Brady, knowing Kristen's return had been torturing him. She continued to be there for him as a friend. Eric arrived, fresh from giving his testimony, and the three hoped Kristen would finally pay for her crimes.

Daniel once again laid into Nicole about the reason Eric refused to return to the priesthood. She revealed Eric would feel like a hypocrite because of the hatred he felt towards her. Daniel reinforced his own betrayal, stating every time he sees her, he's reminded that he lost a friend. He later picked up Parker from Paige and learned Eve dropped the lawsuit.

He also crossed paths with Theresa and put her on notice that he found her version of what happened to John a little suspicious and full of holes. Theresa was unsettled by the doctor as a result.

Jennifer brought a final offer to Eve to settle the lawsuit once and for all. To get the offer, Jenn added an ultimatum that Eve keep quiet in public about Jack, his book, and the movie rights. Eve realized she had been defeated and signed the deal. She complained about receiving her payment in installments, making Jenn realize how pathetic she was for having to steal to provide for her daughter.

Eve texted Theresa to get to her apartment, so she could scream and complain about Jennifer. She informed her sister she was more determined than ever to get JJ away from her daughter, as her talk didn't work.

Jennifer arrived home and told JJ about the settlement. The celebration stopped when Abigail got home, visibly upset from reading Will's article.

Speaking of Will's article, Sonny and Will continued to wait for it to be published online. Sonny felt guilty about the references to Abigail in it. Will attempted to get in touch with his cousin to give her a heads up before the story was released. She told him she couldn't wait to read it, hanging up before giving him a chance to tell her. When it was finally online, she began to read, curious as it was about EJ and Sami. Meanwhile, Will went home and was faced with an angry Sonny as he finally read the article.



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