'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 8/18-8/22, Page 4

By Samantha Glick,

Sonny couldn't believe Will used Abigail's name in the article. Will insisted that he didn't put her name in there. He did the math and realized Sami opened her mouth to his editor, as she had comments. He was upset Sonny thought he would do such a thing to their own cousin, but the two made up. EJ dropped by to confront Will, while Sonny stormed to the mansion to take on Sami.

Abigail told Jennifer and JJ about Will's article using her name, and they are supportive of her. She voiced how she thought the madness was over, but that was short-lived when reporters began to swarm the Horton house. Ben arrived to whisk Abigail away from the intrusive reporters, while Jennifer asked them to leave her property. JJ went over to Will and Sonny's to confront Will about the article, and the very revealing references to his sister. Will didn't tell JJ it was his mom who leaked the information, but I'm pretty sure everyone will know soon enough.

EJ found out about the article's publication, and that Will had something to do with it. He took fit at her for her son destroying their family. She defended Will, saying she did everything she could to prevent the article from being published. She convinced the board their was nothing to worry about regarding the company. When EJ tried to sympathize with Abigail, Sami unloaded on him, even throwing a glass at him and continuing to threaten him with a restraining order.

Lucas returned from his business trip to Houston and encountered Jordan at the square. They spoke of his meeting with Sheryl, which didn't go well for him. Lucas learned from Jordan that she broke up with Rafe because she found out he slept with Kate. Lucas blasted his mother for ruining their relationship. He doubted Jordan and Rafe would be able to move past the betrayal. Kate focused her son's attention to Will writing an incriminating article for TruVista magazine.

Ben and Rafe bumped into each other where Ben apologized to Rafe for beating him up. Rafe asked Ben about Clyde, wondering why Jordan shuts down around him. Jordan told Ben about the article, and he rushed to be their for his girlfriend. Clyde tried to persuade Jordan they could get through their past issues, but Jordan was determined to make sure that never happened.

Clyde cornered Kate into making her get him in touch with some "discreet" people who would help finance his shady business. He began to blackmail her with the information that she was the reason he found his kids in Salem.



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