'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 8/18-8/22, Page 5

By Samantha Glick,

The judge agreed to let Kristen go on $1 million bail, despite DA Trask's objections that she was a flight risk. Roman figured out the judge was in Stefano's pocket.

Brady went to the hospital where he overheard Anne and Theresa discussing the Abigail article. Theresa noticed his frustration and questioned if it had something to do with Kristen. Brady told her a medical expert said there was no hope for John. Theresa offered to comfort him, but he rejected her, reminding her he sent the annulment papers. He went for a jog to clear his thoughts. As he took his shirt off to cool down, he came face-to-face with Kristen.

At the Brady Pub, Roman updated Marlena on what happened in court with Kristen.

Daniel pointed out how gleeful Anne was regarding the Abigail scandal. He stopped by the Horton house to offer his support, while Abigail and Jennifer were in the middle of writing a press release to counter the article. Daniel helped Jennifer fend off reporters while maintaining emotional distance from his ex. Anne later arrived to gloat while dropping off Abigail's things from her office. Jennifer laid into her about how much of horrible person she was before slamming the door in her face.

Back at the hospital, Daniel and Theresa crossed paths again as he picked up on why she was so interested in John's condition. She covered her tracks and turned the tables on him about Jennifer's latest family scandal.

Will revealed to an angry EJ that it was his beloved Samantha who gave Abigail's name to his editor. EJ reminded him of everything he and his mother did to ensure he had a future with his daughter. He also said he could send Will to prison for shooting him. Will countered that by saying he could have revealed that Sami shot him in the head, leading to attempted murder charges. Will was disgusted to hear EJ defend her, claiming they really do deserve each other.

EJ later encountered Abigail and made sure everyone would know her as the victim. Abigail told him to back off as she was no victim, she continuously chased after him after they first slept together.

Sonny laid into Sami for the way she destroyed Will. She defended that Will was not the innocent party. Sonny tried to inform her that if Will didn't write the article, someone else would. Sami reminded him Kate and EJ wouldn't have spoken to reporters the way they spoke to Will. They gave him intimate details because he was deceptive in that he didn't tell them they were being recorded for his article. Sami told Sonny to be there for Will as things were only going to get worse.

Marlena dropped by the mansion, asking why Sami didn't didn't tell her about the affair. She also got an eyeful when she saw the new portrait of Sami and Kate in the living room. Her daughter explained she didn't and still doesn't want to hear her continuous objections regarding her volatile relationship with EJ.

She visited Will next, who lashed out about his mother's betrayal, and how tired he was of explaining himself. He brought up how she couldn't handle Sami growing up, but quickly apologized. Marlena acknowledged he felt attacked. He expressed how sad he was that the first article he wrote made the cover of a magazine, and no one had anything nice to say about it. Marlena asked if that's why he wrote it. Words are exchanged about John, and Marlena left her grandson alone with his thoughts.

EJ, fresh from hearing Sami's involvement in the article, returned home to his wife's begging to help her with the situation. He almost had a look of contempt on his face.

Will was on the phone to Sonny talking about how Zoey wanted to give the story national exposure. He hung up when he answered the door to reveal Abigail, clearly wanting answers.



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