'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 8/4-8/8

By Samantha Glick,

Jordan found out about Kate and Rafe. JJ confronted Sami. Jennifer and Eve went to court. Daniel made special plans for Kristen. Sami almost gave EJ another chance. EJ began to plot against Kate and Sami with Victor. Eric and Nicole went to Rome. Marlena and Brady received bad news about John. Paige decided not to go to Stanford.

Daniel and Kristen hid in the hotel supply closet, while her men were closing in on their whereabouts. As soon as they left, Kristen told Daniel they would be back for her. She claimed she was the only one who could save Brady, which Daniel didn't believe. He reasoned that she was responsible for all the pain Brady went through in the last several months. When she learned Daniel was planning on bringing her back to Salem to pay for her crimes, she justified that it was Nicole who ruined Eric's life by not telling him about the evidence against Dr. Chyka. They argued about who was more trapped: Kristen for what she did to Eric, or Daniel for believing Nicole's lies.

Theresa stood in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion where she remembered hitting John with the fire poker. Brady snapped her out of her thoughts by asking why she was there. She showed him the paperwork for their annulment, stating it could be taken care of online. Brady commented on how easy it was to remove certain mistakes. After he took a call, Brady informed Theresa she could go to prison for lying to protect him. She insisted what happened wasn't his fault, and he should stop blaming himself. She asked for his friendship, since they couldn't be married. Brady stated it wouldn't be possible, but wished her the best. Once she left, he hoped his father would come out of his coma, so the nightmare could end.

Eric and Nicole found themselves in close quarters after some flight and seat changing on the way to Rome. Nicole's flight was cancelled, so she wound up on the same plane as Eric. She also asked the woman named Kristen to change seats, so they would get better acclimated to being near each other. Eric didn't feel comfortable being near her as she betrayed him. She commented maybe she shouldn't be traveling halfway around the world to help him out.

JJ bumped into Ben and thanked him for standing by his sister. Ben confessed to his previous lies, revealing his true identity. He explained he did it to protect Jordan. Abigail arrived and told her brother she resigned from her position at the hospital. She mentioned Jordan going through a crisis, making JJ proud of her for thinking of others during her terrible time. Ben kissed Abby while she tried to get a hold of her friend. He presented her with a wooden box he carved himself. While speaking of Jordan encouraging and standing by him, Abby stated she may need him.

Earlier, Sami confronted Jordan with the truth that Rafe slept with Kate. Believing she was still acting out, Abby told her to take her anger out on her, not Jordan. Sami relayed it was true; she overheard Kate and Rafe discussing it at the mansion. Jordan ran off to find Rafe, while Abby called Sami a monster. After Sami stated cheaters destroyed relationships, the ladies traded insults.

JJ found Sami at the hospital and confronted her about the attacks against his sister. He mentioned Will not being too pleased with her behavior at the moment. Sami agreed, but turned it around that JJ was ashamed of Abigail for going after EJ. He blamed EJ for taking advantage of her. Sami said he should ask Abigail about what really happened. He called her a hypocrite for her past behavior. She laid into him about how he and his sister were "pampered brats" for getting away with their out-of-control behavior. He got off lightly with vandalizing the town square and dealing drugs. After issuing a stern warning to Sami, JJ left. She just let it roll off her back.

Rafe and Kate argued about him telling Jordan about their one-night stand. Rafe didn't want to be like EJ. Kate insisted their situation was different from Sami and EJ's. Jordan later met with Rafe, while Kate listened in. When Jordan confronted him, he wanted to talk about it somewhere else. She realized it was true, and Kate appeared to say it was all her fault. She explained Rafe being drunk, but Jordan ran off with Rafe following her.

When Rafe finally caught up with her, Jordan asked if it was true about him being drunk. He confirmed it, but asked that she didn't blame Kate. Jordan told him they were done and to leave her alone from then on.



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