‘Defiance’ Season 2 Review

By Ricky Riley ,

In the two-part season finale, Nolan tries to save Tommy and stops Irisa before the plan is activated; tensions rise between Amanda and Stahma. The fate of Defiance and the world hang in the balance and Irisa is enemy number one forcing Nolan into a deadly race against time, fighting both the Earth Republic and old friends to stop Irisa’s destructive plan and save her from the Kaziri forces that have been possessing her before his own friends kill her.

This season has had its ups and downs but the two –hour- season finale was one of the high points. There are a few plot lines this season focused on. The first revolves around Irisa and the incoming apocalypse. The second revolves around the Tarrs and the McCauleys family issues. There are some minor plots but those plots are what weakens the season for me. Mayor Pottinger’s quest to get into Amanda’s pants was the weakest story line. It was wacky and contrived for the most part.

The finale starts with Nolan trying to save Tommy. Nolan and Tommy’s relationship is explored through flashbacks. We learn that Nolan and Tommy were close because of their love for Irisa. By the end, Tommy is dead and he is later used a plot device to force Irisa to do what is right. Irisa’s entire plot this season led up to her controlling machines that will terraform the planet. She does this while sitting on top of a hill and moving rocks through the air with telekinesis. She terraforms New York first.

In the finale, Amanda learns that Kenya was killed by Stahma but she refuses to kill them. Pottinger captures Stahma and Datak so that Amanda could take her revenge. Stahma and Datak share a very touching moment that leads to him coming back. The most interesting thing in this finale is the emergence of Christy and Quentin’s mother. She ends up kidnapping Christy and Alak in the last minutes.

Throughout the season Doc Yewell has been forced to do Pottinger’s bidding. She offers up a solution to stop Irisa from terraforming the whole earth but Nolan stops her after breaking out of jail. Nolan decides to use the main plot device of the season: Irisa’s star-crossed lover from a passed life. These two take control of the ship that was controlling Irisa. And that stop the terraforming. Irisa and Nolan gets trapped underground but they are saved by a force field shaped egg.

Overall, this season was okay. The main plot was wrapped up to quickly and not enough time was given to it but the characters shined throughout. Last season was better by far mainly because of the action scenes. I would say that if you are a real fan of the show and a lover of sci-fi, take a gander.

Defiance airs on SyFy.



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