Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan out with knee injury

By Alex Jordan,

Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan will be out for six to eight weeks due to a fracture below his left knee joint.

Trevathan has a left medial tibial impaction fracture. The injury occurred during practice on Tuesday. Trevathan was trying to defend a running play during an 11-on-11 drill when the injury occurred, according to the Denver Post. Broncos center Will Montgomery rolled over Trevathan during the play. Trevathan was on the ground in pain for a while before being carted off the field.

"They told me that my ACL and MCL are fine, but that I have a fracture in my knee," Trevathan told ESPN. "The doctor told me I was going to be out four to eight weeks, but I told him four to six. I'm not tripping. I will bounce back. I'm a soldier."

The loss of Trevathan is huge for the Broncos as he is an important part of their defense. He plays on the weak side in base defense and can fill in the gaps in a running play. He can also be a part of pass coverage. Last year, he had a breakout year. He had three interceptions, 124 tackles, which led the Broncos, and led the team with 24 tackles in the playoffs, according to the Associated Press. Trevathan would like to become a Pro Bowl player.

"I just grind every day to be whatever I can be," Trevathan said. "I set goals that are way high because I believe in what I can do. I just want to show it."

Brandon Marshall will most likely be Trevathan’s replacement. Trevathan is expected to return in week four of the regular season, which is a bye week for the Broncos. As a result, he should miss just three regular season games.



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