Did Miley Cyrus really disturb hotel guests in New York City this month?

By Daniel S Levine,

While Miley Cyrus’ on-stage antics may disturb a few parents, it turns out that they are not the only ones disturbed by her actions. According to a report, Cyrus annoyed hotel guests in New York City earlier this month and they filed complaints with the staff.

A source told Life & Style that Cyrus and her posse came into a hotel lobby on Aug. 2 like a wrecking ball, screaming and yelling. The hotel where this incident allegedly happened was not revealed.

“It was like a tornado hit the lobby,” the source told the site. “Miley and her posse took over, screaming and carrying on so much that management received a number of complaints.”

A member of her group was smoking pot, which shocked the other guests. “It was the kind of bad behavior you’d expect from a bunch of juvenile delinquents,” the source said.

Cyrus was asked to calmed down, but she threw a fit. The management tried to calm her down, but she acted like a “spoiled brat.”

Now, that all sounds like a nice story, but is any of it true? A source for E! News said that Cyrus did stay at a Greenwich Village hotel recently, but there were no outbursts.

“There were no complaints,” the source told E!, adding that Miley “never had an outburst in the lobby.”

Cyrus played a show in Philadelphia on Aug. 2, so she must have rushed back to New York to be at a hotel that night. She resumes her Bangerz tour on Sept. 11 in Puerto Rico.

image courtesy of Zak Hussein/INFphoto.com



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