Double-decker buses crash in Times Square, 14 injured says NYPD

By Daniel S Levine,

Two double-decker buses crashed in Times Square in the heart of Manhattan Tuesday, causing at least 14 injuries.

The two buses, both of which feature open-top second decks for tourists, collided at 7th Avenue and 47th Street, notes Reuters.

The fire department told NBC New York that there were only 14 injuries, despite the crash causing a traffic light pole to fall over. Thirteen were passengers, while a 14th was a tour guide on one of the buses. The two drivers were not injured.

A New York Fire Department spokesman said that three people were rushed to Roosevelt Hospital for serious injuries.

“We just suddenly heard this big boom,” Orville Anderson, a witness, told Reuters. “I saw the pole tumbling down to the ground.”

Officials are still on scene investigating the cause of the accident but they are relieved that there were no further injuries or casualties. “We are very, very fortunate there weren't many more injuries,” one FDNY official told NBC NY.

The area was blocked, which caused a major traffic backup.

image via Instagram from NBC NY



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