'Downton Abbey' cast responds to water bottle incident

By Madeline Smith,

The cast of Downton Abbey posted a humorous picture on Instagram regarding a recent water bottle scandal from a promo photo.

NPR reported that Downton Abbey recently had a blooper with a promotions picture when someone left a water bottle in the background.

Downton Abbey is a period drama set in the 1920s, so a water bottle does not exactly fit in with the set. In the picture the Earl of Grantham and his daughter, Lady Edith, are decked out in formal attire from 1924 in front of the mantel. The issue is that someone forgot to remove a water bottle placed on the fireplace.

According to the Huffington Post UK the error was realized soon after the picture was posted and re-edited to exclude the water bottle, but the damage was already done. The Internet responded with spoof photos, articles, and pestering comments.

Refinery29 reported that the Downton cast decided to poke fun at the fluke and post a picture with water bottles.

The caption for the Instagram joked about the situation. “The cast of #Downton embraced ‘water bottle-gate’ today.”

Downton Abbey’s official Instagram does a great job of being up to date with photos and provides behind the scenes looks at the series.

Downton Abbey’s fifth season will premiere September 21.

Credit: Wolff/INFphoto.com



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