Downton Abbey’s promotional photobomb

By Kate Taylor ,

Producers failed to notice a water bottle sitting on the mantelpiece in a promotional photo for the series' fifth season.

The award winning PBS costume drama is a favorite among fans and critics alike. Set in the post-Edwardian era, the series is normally celebrated for its historical accuracy. Such high standards likely only made it more shocking to the fans that spotted the translucent 500ml water bottle adorning the mantelpiece.

According to BBC, water bottles were not invented in the UK for 36 years after Downton Abbey is set. Unfortunately this means the shows resident period and etiquette expert Alastair Blair is going to have trouble making an historical argument otherwise.

ABC reports that their request to PBS for comment is still pending, although the photo has since been removed from the networks website.

On a brighter note, at least the cast is staying hydrated, and it remains unlikely that the error will deter the series cult-like following from tuning in upon the fifth seasons premier, scheduled to air in January.

Image via Carlos Diaz/INFevents.com



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