Drunk teacher shows up at school without pants

By Daniel S Levine,

Thankfully, students in Wagoner, Oklahoma did not return to school Monday. Otherwise, they might have seen their new teacher pantsless and in an intoxicated state.

Police say that Lori Hill, a new teacher working for the Wagoner Public Schools district, was found in an empty classroom at the high school by two other teachers Monday, reports Fox23. Monday was the first day of school for teachers, but classes for students did not start until Thursday.

Hill was disoriented and without pants, Police Chief Bob Haley told Tulsa World. He said that officers spoke with her and they figured that she was drinking.

“She was found in a room kind of disoriented. By the time we got there she was in a room and wearing shorts,” Haley said.

Haley told Fox23 that Hill has only been charged with public intoxication. They did find evidence that she was drinking in her car, but could not find a witness that could prove that Hill drank while driving from her home to the school or if she drank at home. While being questioned, she did admit that she had been drinking.

The Wagoner school district did not comment on the situation, noting that this is a personal situation.



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