Eddie Izzard is cast in "Powers"

By Benjamin Mazzara,
The British comedian is one of three announced castings for the Playstation Network series

Eddie Izzard, the British actor and comedian who is known for his work on Hannibal and The Riches, has just been confirmed to co-star in Powers, the upcoming Playstation Network series based on Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s well-known comic.

According to Deadline, the show plans to mesh the genres of superhero fantasy, crime noir and police procedurals. The show will be produced by Sony Pictures TV, and is set in a world full of people with superhuman abilities, called “Powers.” These Powers create, as one would expect, a huge wave of chaos, and it falls upon the Police to help reign in the godlike entities and protect the unpowered populace.

According to IGN, Izzard will play the character “Wolfe,” a dubious Power, the world’s name for people with superpowers. Before being imprisoned in the specially made prison known as “The Shaft” for multiple heinous crimes, Wolfe was a mentor to main character Christian Walker, who was a Power himself before losing his abilities and joining the police force. As noted by Deadline, Wolfe’s terrible powers are keep in check through multiple brutal surgeries.

Izzard was not the only cast member announced, with Noah Taylor from Game of Thrones and Edge of Tomorrow, as well as Olesya Rulin from Greek and High School Musical joining the cast as well. Taylor will be playing “Johnny Royalle”, a criminal leader with the ability to teleport, while Rulin will play “Calista,” an upstart teenage Power who has both know-how and a constantly evolving game plan.

According to IGN, Izzard, Rulin, and Taylor’s casting has almost filled the main cast, with Susan Heyward being cast as Deena Pilgrim, Walker’s partner.

The first two episodes will be directed by David Slade and written by Charlie Huston. There is no set release date.

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