Family member says second miscarriage led to Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumors

By Jorie Goins,

As rumors about Jay Z and Beyonce's troubled marriage continue to swirl, a relative of Beyonce wants to set the record straight about the couple.

The relative spoke with Media TakeOut and gave details about Jay Z and Beyonce, what caused their famous union to crumble and what led to the infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Solange.

"[Jay Z is] a rapper so all that tough exterior is all a lie, he's extremely soft," the relative said. The relative also pinned the blame for the couple's alleged marital problems on Beyonce having a second miscarriage due to her heavy workload.

"Bey had another miscarriage. Jay got mad because the [doctor] said she was over working and she refused to slow down. This was the beginning of their problems. Jay told her to end the tour but she said she couldn't . . The problems went on [because] she won't end the tour," they said.

As to the elevator altercation with Solange, Beyonce's relative says that the fight had nothing to do with cheating.

"Solange has a very bad attitude...uses ... mild drugs. Jay made fun of her [boyfriend] and she was high so she started all that," the relative said.

But the relative ended their statement optimistically saying that the On The Run tour has brought Jay Z nd Beyonce "closer" adding that they were trying for a second child.

"Jay and Bey want to take a year off music and be a family," said the relative.

Photo courtesy of: INFphoto.com



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