Fans have mixed feelings following the Season 8 premiere of 'Doctor Who'

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

While critics are singing their praises for Peter Capaldi and the season 8 opener of Doctor Who, fans seem to have mixed feelings on the subject.

Michael Hogan of the Telegraph called the new Doctor “a class act.” Impressed with the plot as well as the new spin on the Time Lord, Hogan goes on to add, “his unpredictable air added dramatic tension.”

While many others had nice things to say of the show and Capaldi, many fans took to Twitter to share just exactly what they thought about the show. Some even couldn’t say something nice about the new title sequence.

Fans also took to Twitter to complain about Moffat and the writing of the show. Of course, this isn’t anything new, since fans have been complaining about Moffat’s writing for a few seasons now.

Of course, I think one tweet said what we were all thinking about the show very nicely. Every time the show gets a new Doctor, we’re bound to have our doubts on the way the actor will portray our beloved character. Luckily, for many of us at least, Capaldi didn’t disappoint.

Did you watch the Season 8 premiere of the hit sci-ci show? Tell us how you feel about Capaldi and his take on the Doctor in the comments below.

image via Photo Credit: INFphoto.com



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