Ferguson police won't reveal name of officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown

By Kyle Johnson,

The Ferguson Police Department have decided they will not reveal the name of the police officer involved in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager on Saturday.

Though it was previously said they would release the officer's name, the police department has since decided it would be wiser not to do so out of safety concerns, The New York Times reports.

"The value of releasing the name is far outweighed by the risk of harm to the officer and his family," police chief Thomas Jackson said. The department has received threats towards police.

Protests continue in the town, with nearly 150 people chanting "Don't shoot!" while keeping their arms raised over their heads.

The continued protests, along with some rioting and looting, are over the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teen.

Police have claimed Brown got into a scuffle in the backseat of a police car with the officer who shot him, but the teen's family and friends don't believe that. His friend, Dorian Johnson, says Brown was shot after refusing demands that he get out of the street and he had been raising his hands before being shot several times.

The FBI announced on Monday that they are going to investigate the shooting, while tensions continue to be high among residents and police, many of whom are dressed in riot gear.

Michael Brown Sr. has called on for violence to end over the situation and that peace was needed, according to Reuters.

"I need us all to come together and do this right, the right way," the shooting victim's father said. "No violence."



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