'The Fosters' Recap: 2.08 "Girls Reunited"

By Kelly Sarna,

We see the return of Girls United in this latest The Fosters episode! But it seems that all is not well at the group home Callie once resided.

We begin this episode with Mariana trying to convince Stef it’s a grand idea for her and Hayley to cook dinner for Matt and Jesus. The couples plan on having a double date later. Stef agrees after Mariana reveals she can have the leftovers. (Note to self: Stef is easily swayed by food)

Callie is back at Girls United for the weekend to help out with their Community Day. During group, we find Becca is in a much better place than before. She’s moving back in with her Mom and with no creepy boyfriend this time! But wait, there’s more! Rita tells Cole he can finally move into an LGBT group home starting next week. The Cole Callie used to know would be ecstatic, but this Cole seems blasé on the subject. There is also a new girl in the home: Devonee. She’s pleasant…not. She immediately takes a disliking to Callie and doesn’t feel she belongs here. As Callie starts to head upstairs, Becca invites her to stay in her room for the weekend. Callie politely denies the invite; she wants to bunk with Cole like old times. But Devonee and Cole making out on his bed when Callie walks in causes her to change her mind. Becca’s room it is.

Back at the Adams-Foster house, Stef receives a text from Lena, who’s with Jude on a seventh grade camping trip. After giving Jesus the “sex talk,” she finds a letter in the mail from Ana. The expression on her face only clues us that the letter’s contents aren’t great.

Later at Girls United, Callie and Kiara head to the basement to get chairs for Community Day. Together they question Devonee’s motives with Cole, and Kiara lets it slip that her foster home fell through. Kiara also releases some tension Callie’s way. After all, she has two families that would love to have her.

One of Rita’s unpleasant neighbors pays her a visit, suggesting the girls break into their garage and cause mayhem in general. Acting mature, Rita suggests he spends time with them during Community Day tomorrow. He passes. Callie overhears and finds out that Girls United isn’t doing well, thus Community Day. Next, Callie heads outside only to be nearly run down by a hooded figure. As she’s about to alert the others, Devonee informs her she knows the guy. What’s she up to?

Meanwhile, Stef is video chatting Lena online. Jude’s interacting well with his peers and Lena’s having a great time camping as well. While they chat, Stef tells her about Ana’s letter. Ana’s trying to turn over a new leaf and would like to see the twins. Yeah, as if that’ll happen, they both agree.

It’s Community Day for everyone at Girls United! Callie is of course present trying to spread positivity about this group home to their guests. So far so good. As she’s heading into the kitchen, she runs into Becca and her Mom. Becca is all smiles until in private Becca’s Mom tells her…she’s got a boyfriend. Becca’s good mood instantly diminishes. Once in the kitchen, Devonee’s freaking out over missing pills to Cole. As Kiara complains about their noisy guests to Callie as they head out, everyone is taken aback by a loud bang (fireworks) coming from the windows. Everyone ducks to the floor.

Lou (Brandon’s bandmate) arrives at the Adams-Foster’s doorstep. Knowing Brandon could use some cheering up, Stef insists she hangs with Brandon.

In light of the firework fiasco, Girls United made connections from the party! All is not well though when during group, Devonee calls Callie “fake”. Kiara has no problem sticking up for Callie.

It’s double date dinner time! It goes from bad to worse when Hayley gets wind that Mariana’s known who her birth mother was all this time. Mariana sends revenge Hayley’s way to which Jesus and Hayley leave. Lucky for Mariana, that’s what Matt wanted all along: alone time. After sharing a personal secret of his to Mariana, the two kiss. Finally. And of course, Stef viewed the whole ordeal. Typical.

Meanwhile at the group home, Callie tells Rita that she might leave earlier than planned, since Community Day is over. Rita asks why Callie slept over at all, if she only wanted to attend Community Day. No response from Callie. She later asks Kiara how long it took for her to sleep with someone after her rape. She fills Kiara in on her near panic attack with Wyatt. Kiara answer is golden. Time heals all wounds and so does talking to someone (professional-wise). Devonee breaks up this heartwarming chat to accuse Callie once again of taking the drugs.

Callie goes straight to Cole, who might help this situation. Turns out, he wants to run away with Devonee. Callie immediately tries to shoot that idea down; Devonee’s only using him! If she really loved him she’d let Cole go to an LGBT home where he will get proper care for his transition.

Taking Callie’s advice, Cole tells Devonee he’s not leaving. Devonee lashes out and calls Cole a “freak." She runs away, leaving the group home for good.
After some time, Callie checks on Cole, who’s feeling lousy. She offers to stay with him, but that will just bring Rita into the mix.

She returns to Becca’s room. Becca on the other hand heads into the basement where (GASP!) she smokes the stolen drugs Devonee was so desperate to find.

Later, smoke begins to surface in each room. A fire has struck from the basement! Rita rushes everyone out to safety, but one girl (two technically, Rita) is missing! Becca! She’s lying unconscious in the basement. Rita tries to pull her up, but is unsuccessful. Callie comes to the rescue, and while Rita is telling her to head upstairs, she refuses and helps bring Becca outside.

Everyone will be okay. Girls United on the other hand…not so much. Rita explains to Callie that being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rita also adds that the girls will be sent back to juvie until they can be placed in a proper group home.

Stef arrives on the scene, and after asking if everyone’s alright, grabs Callie and they head home.



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