'The Fosters' Recap: 2.09 "Leaky Faucets"

By Kelly Sarna,

It’s couples galore in this new episode of The Fosters. The Adams-Foster kids (sans Jude) attend a Mexican festival while Stef (still without Lena) tries to tackle a leaky pipe. Trust is broken, secrets are revealed and relationships are tested.

Mariana is trying to get Callie’s advice on her outfit for her date today with Matt. Having no idea where they’re going and knowing of Matt’s personality, Mariana prefers something pretty but not protective. Callie suggests “really pretty armor.”

During breakfast, the gang discusses what they’re doing today. Stef is covering security detail at a funeral, Jesus is “working on a paper” (ie. Hayley’s coming over), and Brandon and Callie are hanging out with Lou. Callie also mentions what came of Girls United; the girls are in juvie awaiting an available group home…if there will be one. As Brandon heads to leave to drop something off at Mike’s, the topic of Dani and Mike’s recent breakup gets brought up. Brandon responds it’s none of our business.

However, when Brandon arrives at Mike’s, Mike hastily hurries Brandon along. Little did B know, Ana was over at the time. Awkward.

Mariana at first has no idea where Matt is taking her on their date. Moments later, she finds out. It’s a Mexican festival. The look on her face shows she isn’t too thrilled by the idea.

Before meeting up with Wyatt, Callie has her therapy session. She explains her situation with her panic attacks. While it first occurred when she tried to have sex with Wyatt, now she’s having them as often as few times a week. The therapist believes Callie herself might be the problem. She needs to trust herself more.

Back at the house, Jesus starts cracking down on that paper…Hayley comes over. Seeing Jesus’ idea for a “date” (candles and petals in the garage) gives off that he just wants to sleep with her again. Jesus’ response is cut short when in walks Stef. With security detail cancelled, she’s spending the day at the house. Being the Mama Bear she is, she forbids Hayley and Jesus from spending time alone unsupervised (and without her permission).

Callie, Wyatt, Brandon and Lou also find themselves at the Mexican festival. Callie and Wyatt conjure up this adorable game of trying to out eat one another. Winner: buys all the food.

With Mariana, she’s still not having the best of time on her date. After an argument over Frida Kahlo, Mariana blurts out she’s never felt connected with her Mexican roots. She assumes the reason he brought her here was to rub that in her face. The real reason: Matt loves it and wanted to share it with her.

Meanwhile, Callie nearly has a panic attack when she almost loses sight of Wyatt. After he sees she’s upset, she comes clean about her panic attacks. Normally fearing big crowds, Callie knows she can tackle it because Wyatt is there (whom she trusts). But you want to know who’s also there? Liam. This is not going to end well.

With nothing to do at home, Stef decides to fix the leaky pipe in the bathroom. A few Google searches and tools later, she thinks she’s fixed it. While proudly recording her work (complete with a cute dance) to her wife, the leak only worsens, upsetting her. After more trial and errors she has damaged more then she’s fixed. Reaching for a towel, she notices a baby towel and breaks down in tears. She calls up Lena and lets out her grieving feelings. Even though she didn’t know the baby, she still misses her.

At the festival, Wyatt spots Liam off in the distance. He runs to find Brandon, who is with Lou. She clearly wants him, but Brandon informs her he’s in a bad place right now and it has nothing to do with her. Not only does Brandon run into Wyatt, he also spots Jesus and Hayley.
Hayley, thinking Jesus came up with this marvelous festival idea on his own, realizes Jesus only knew about it from his brother. She leaves upset.
Wyatt tries to confront Liam, with his fist not his words. The two get in a nasty, later followed by Brandon. The cops break it up, but Callie witnesses the whole thing. She thought she could trust Wyatt, but decides she was wrong.

Mike tries to get Ana’s mind off of trying to find a way to mend her tarnished relationships. He does this by…shocker, taking her to the Mexican festival. This blows up in his face though, Mariana run into Ana (of course). Mariana doesn’t want to see her and storms off.

Back at the house, after Mike and Stef chat with Brandon about aggression and forgiving, Stef goes to check on Callie. Stef fills Callie in on a secret: the two are a lot alike. They try to always seem put together, like nothing affects them. “Sometimes you got to let yourself fall apart, and there’s no shame in that.”

And after we witness Jesus making the biggest mistake in his life (a tattoo of Hayley’s name. Ugh.), we end this episode with Matt and Mariana sharing much needed alone time at the Mexican festival, dancing slowly to the music.



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