'The Fosters' Recap: 2.10 "Someone's Little Sister"

By Kelly Sarna,

Callie turns up at Rita’s door, concerned about the future of Girls United. Rita is more shocked Callie found out where she lived. Um, the internet is a thing, Rita. She later explains Girls United’s current standstill. It’s simple, no one wants to give to someone with their history…plus money. Rita’s tired of fighting.

At Callie’s work, she fills Daphne in on Rita’s lack of a group home and lack of motivation. Daphne gets why Rita’s not exactly in it to win it; she does so much and gets so little in return. Wondering what to do, Callie’s prayers are answered when in walks Robert Quinn. Turns out he has news to share with her.

That night at the Adams-Foster family dinner, everyone has news. Lena announces that the new principal starts tomorrow. Stef and Mariana aren’t excited about the matter. Who could blame them; it could have been Lena? Moments later, Callie rushes in after staying late at work. She apologizes but what she has to share is quite worth the tardiness. Robert told her he signed the abandonment papers! She can finally get adopted!

Later, the twins are helping to clean up the kitchen. Mariana blurts out she wants to see Ana to Stef and Lena. Jesus is immediately against it and leaves, but Mariana yells back that he doesn’t even have to go. Stef says yes and Lena can’t believe how such a mother could have children and not take care of them.

The next day, Lena meets the new principal, Principal Monty. She agrees since she is more business savvy than education, both Lena and her could act as a team. Lena seems fine with this arrangement. Just after this decision is finalized, Jude walks in. He urgently needs to tell her something about Connor.

That same day, Rita, Callie and the Quinn’s are planning the fundraiser they’re holding for Girls United. Robert would love it if some of the girls could come to talk about their experience. Unfortunately most are still in juvie, minus Cole and Kiara who are both in group homes. Next order of business: figure out what Callie’s relationship is to the Quinn’s anyway. Friend? Daughter? She decides on the former, which everyone agrees with…except Sophia. She doesn’t grasp that Callie isn’t as comfortable letting everyone know about her real father unlike her. To make Sophia feel better though, she agrees the night prior she’ll sleepover at the Quinn’s.

Back at the school, Lena and the new principal are trying to figure out (with Connor and his father) what to make of their problem that’s been laid down in front of them. Lena and Monty are led to believe that Connor was hit by his father, which we find out is half true (his father still spanking him). The reason? Mr. Stevens sees it unfit for Connor to share a tent with a gay boy (Jude). Lena lashes out at him on two occasions: 1) because he still spanks his teenage child and 2) for assuming that Jude is gay when he has never stated his sexuality. This causes Mr. Stevens to blame Lena for the whole thing.

Jude apologizes at home to Lena who replies saying it’s not his fault. They never realized Connor couldn’t sleep in the same tent as him while camping. Perhaps Jude should make new friends, he suggests. Lena thinks this is absurd! But Stef (who overhears the conversation) feels that might not be a bad thing.

Mariana walks in on Jesus tending to his ‘Hayley’ tattoo in the bathroom, he proclaims he’ll do anything she says in order for her to keep this quiet. The ‘anything’ ends up being a meeting with Ana, which he partakes in. Once there, Ana thanks Stef for allowing her children to see her. It was up to them, not me, Stef replies. Mariana and Jesus listen to Ana’s sob story of an apology and it’s actually touching. She knows how terrible of a mother she’s been and she wants to make amends. Mariana however sees nothing when she looks at Ana. Nothing at all. Jesus tries to cheer Ana up (which isn’t his job!), but Ana realizes, Mariana’s right.

At school, Lena explains to Monty they have to send a letter about the bullying that Connor’s father committed to him to the district. Monty suggests she doesn’t use her V.P status for that. That’s okay with Lena, she’ll use her role as a parent instead. (Did she just quit her job?!)

Teary-eyed and heartbroken over her meeting with Ana, Mariana is found by Lena in her room. Mariana thinks it’s ridiculous she’ll always be adopted to her, she’ll never fully be hers because they didn’t conceive her. If Lena learned anything from losing Frankie it’s that you only carry a baby for nine months in the womb, but you keep them forever in their heart. Giving birth to Mariana wouldn’t have made Lena love her any more or less. The two hug it out and Mariana asks a favor from Lena.

When Jill Quinn walks in on Callie and Sophia asleep together in Sophia’s room, she can’t help but find it adorable. Later, as Callie heads downstairs to set things up, she notices the photos she took of the fosters kids displayed. Robert figured it might help.

Everyone is here! From Stef and Lena, to a now black-haired Mariana; even Cole and Kiara are in attendance! Robert finally meets Lena, who thanks him for signing the papers and making this fundraiser happen.

While Matt and Mariana are busy flirting, Rita pulls Callie aside and asks why Callie isn’t mentioning Robert as her father. He seems to really love and care for her, the least she can do is do the same. Taking her advice, when upstage talking about Girls United, Callie mentions the Quinn’s as her family. Sophia is grinning ear to ear. Once Callie’s speech is over and Brandon’s band is playing, Sophia gets Callie’s attention and the two go inside. Sophia’s so happy with Callie’s mention. She’s also glad she tore up the abandonment papers so they could be a real family! Wait what? Furious, Callie calls Sophia a spoiled brat leaving her in tears. Callie asks when Robert can get new papers and sign them. The thing is…he can’t. Doing it in the first place was hard enough! She understands, right? Oh yeah, she understands she’s never going to be happy. A tearful Callie storms out.
Callie’s look-alike, Sophia, also leaves in tears. But she locks herself in the bathroom…? Should we be worried?

Meanwhile the Callie bombshell, Jude and his Moms are talking outside. He reveals he knows Lena quit her job, probably for him. Lena immediately shoots that thought down, that’s not it. Then Jude confesses both Connor and him weren’t exactly innocent in that tent. The possible what-did-they-do’s are endless!

Cut to Callie. Still in tears and heartbroken, she runs to someone that’s always been there for her in times of need (sort of). Brandon. Through her sobs she explains her current lack of adoption. Next thing we know…they’re kissing!

We are left with more questions than answers in this finale. The Fosters return in December for a Holiday special, followed with new episodes in January.



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