Fox to reboot 'Greatest American Hero' with Phil Lord and Chris Miller

By Kyle Johnson,

Fox plans on rebooting the 1981 sci-fi comedy The Greatest American Hero from Steven J. Cannell with Phil Lord and Chris Miller overseeing the project.

The network gave the remake a put pilot commitment, according to Deadline, who first reported the news.

Lord and Miller, who churned out two successful films based on the Johnny Depp TV series 21 Jump Street, will executive produce the reboot of the cult classic. Cannell's daughter, Tawnia McKiernan, is also on board as an executive producer.

The hourlong comedy series will follow Isaac, who is an inner-city teacher, after he discovers a superhero suit, which he hates to wear. He must learn how to use his powers on his own after he loses the instructions to the suit. He also finds himself at odds with his government handler.

The original series ran for three series and starred William Katt, TheWrap reports, only his character was named Ralph Hinkley.

Lord and Miller have been busy with projects on TV as of late after selling an untitled comedy series to CBS and will also have another series air on Fox. The straight-to-series project is a comedy, which stars Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte as the Last Man on Earth.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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