'Franklin and Bash' episode recap: 'Love is the Drug'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on Jared and Peter addressing the other lawyers at the firm, that productivity is down by 8 percent. Peter then throws a football to Lisa, a fellow lawyer and she explains how she’s representing a surfer who is seeking prize money and damages by suing because another surfer “stole” his wave to win a competition. She throws the football back and Jared then throws it to another female lawyer who drops it.

Then, a male lawyer, Ed starts talking and Peter reminds him of their policy of how you can only talk while holding the football. Ed says that Peter is talking without holding the football so Jared orders the both to run laps around the office as punishment. All of the other lawyers seem amused until Infeld walks in and they immediately quiet down. Infeld asks what’s going on and the guys reply that they didn’t expect him back so soon. Infeld then apologizes for being late and says it was because someone parked in his space.

Suddenly, another male lawyer rushes out the room, presumably to move his car. The guys then explain some of the changes since Infeld was away like the firm’s Instagram account, where the lawyers post selfies. Infeld is more interested in talking about the new case they were about to discuss. The guys say that the plaintiff wants to sue because a “sleep medication triggered an illicit late-night shopping spree, of which he has no memory of. Now he wants to sue the makers of the pill, Twilera, for the purchases he cannot return.’” The guys ask the lawyers who wants the case, but no one volunteers. Peter then asks where Ellen is and Jared says that he thinks she’s in a deposition, so they give her the case. Jared then asks Infeld if he’s like to address the other lawyers. Infeld replies that he’d rather share his thoughts in private. Jared then adjourns the meeting.

Once alone with Infeld, the guys ask him if he’s mad at them. Infeld replies that you can’t “run a successful firm on pizza parties and skateboards.” Infeld then adds that if they want to be on top again, they have to refine their approach. The guys then ask Infeld to lunch. Infeld declines saying that he a ton of emails to catch up on and shoos the guys away.

The guys bump into Dan, the new investigator. He tells them that a Jimmy Livardos, a Wunder driver, who knows them from picking them outside of bars. The name doesn’t ring a bell with the guys. Dan then adds that Jimmy says he was arrested for “conspiring to steal handbags from celebrities.”

The guys meet with Jimmy, who insists that the whole thing was a “misunderstanding.” He explains that he drove a passenger to an art gallery. He says that he dropped her off and the next thing he knew his car was surrounded by cops with their guns drawn. Jared replies that a concierge at a hotel took Jimmy’s license plate number after Gwyneth Paltrow’s purse went missing and then Jared shows Johnny pictures from the surveillance camera that caught Jimmy and his passenger leaving with the bag. Peter then adds that bags have been stolen at other places Jimmy has been. Jimmy denies stealing any bags and tells the guys to talk to his passenger, Kim Polito. Jared then tells Jimmy that Kim Polito doesn’t exist, that they pulled the police report and found that she used a fake PayPal account. The guys think “Kim” set Jimmy up, but he doesn’t think saying they were “vibing off each other.” Peter then tells Jimmy that he’s looking at 10 years in prison for grand theft. Jimmy replies that when he picked up the guys a few weeks ago, they promised to help him if was ever in trouble. The guys agree to help Jimmy.

Ellen is hearing what happened with the sleeping pill case from the guys and how the plaintiff ordered a dominatrix named Fantasia while he was on Twilera. He then tried to call it off, but forgot the “safe word,” so she tied him up and “poured wax down his crack” and proclaimed that services were rendered. Ellen then asks if they want her to go after Twilera because Fantasia won’t provide a refund. Ellen doesn’t want the case and tells the guys to give it to Anita. Then, she sees the plaintiff, Bob Allen, who is a gorgeous masseuse. Ellen says she’ll take the case.

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