'Franklin and Bash' Season 4 premiere: 'The Curse of Hor-Aha'

By Sari N. Kent,

The season opens with Jared and Peter in court defending a man in a neck brace, who is suing that a simulation ride of an earthquake scared him too much. Suddenly, a zombie bursts into the courtroom. Everyone is terrified when Jared and the zombie struggle and the zombie's arm comes off and blood spews everywhere.

At Infeld-Daniels, Ellen Swatello, Jared's on again/off again lover, is now a junior partner at the firm. Jared and Peter tell her the ride people settled then introduces Ellen to their new investigator, Dan Mundy, who played the zombie. Ellen then asks where Infeld is. He then appears, welcomes Ellen and tells them the latest in the Rachel King investigation. It seems she had an accomplice, who helped her embezzlement client funds...him. Infeld then tells Jared and Peter that he's going to be "indisposed" for a while and he is leaving them in charge. Infeld is then led out of the firm in handcuffs.

Four months later, the firm is now Intel-Daniels-Franklin-Bash. They now have a plastic surgeon as a subtenant. Ellen then appears to tell them that another senior partner quit "since Rachel King fled to Croatia," making that 11 partners who have quit. She then adds that Infeld has been disbarred.

Then, Jared and Peter meet with a potential new client, an archaeologist named Mason Trawley. He tells them that he cannot gain access to his storage locker, which has a valuable ancient artifact in it because he hasn't paid his bill. The guys ask what the artifact is, but Mason won't tell them "for their safety and mankind's." Jared and Peter agree to represent Mason.

The guys go see Infeld, who is working as a car mechanic, to tell him that another senior partner quit. Intel's brings up a possible new hire, Anita Haskins, but the guys want Infeld back. Infield reminds them that he was suspended though he was cleared of any wrongdoing. Infeld adds that he made a plea deal to "limit the damage." The guys still want to clear Infeld's name, but he tells them to "let sleeping dogs lie." Once alone, the guys agree that Infeld isn't telling them everything and want to find out what he's hiding from them. The guys then go and meet Mason art his office.

The guys meet Mason at his office, a call center. He explains that he is an archaeologist, but works there to pay off his student loans. Mason then begs them to still help him get his artifact back. They agree to do so and ask him again what the artifact is. Mason finally tells them that it’s ancient death mask that is cursed. He goes on to say that if someone says the owner of the death mask’s name, Hor-Aha, 12 times in a minute, an army of the un-dead will come and kill everyone. The guys now think he’s crazy, but still agree to represent him.

Back at the firm, Peter tells Dan to check Infeld’s computer for any emails, malware, etc., because Peter doesn’t believe that Infeld was in cahoots with Rachel.

Also at the firm, Jared introduces Ellen to “The Bone,” the owner of a medical marijuana shop. He needs Ellen to represent him because a married couple, the Lisks, Jeff and June, who want to shut him down because they want to open a daycare center nearby. Ellen wants to talk to Jared in private. Once they’re alone, Jared tells her that he’s telling her to take “The Bone’s” case because he’s her boss. Jared then wants to fool around, but Ellen brings up the firm’s “No Sex” policy between partners.

The guys and Mason go to court. Mason sees that Gleason, the owner of the storage unit, is wearing a rare fertility bracelet from the Zunni tribe. Karp, who is now a senior partner at another firm, is representing Gleason. Karp asks the judge for Gleason to receive immediate possession of the storage unit. Peter asks for a one week continuance, but only gets one day after Jared cites some case law.

Afterward, the guys get on Karp’s case for abandoning Infeld. Karp maintains that he didn’t abandon his uncle and was loyal for two decades. Karp then demands that the guys give him their updated witness list. Outside court, Mason tells the guys about Gleason wearing the bracelet, which he only could have gotten from a former colleague of Mason’s, Professor Marcel Ziff. Mason thinks that Ziff bribed Gleason so he could get his hands on the mask. The guys then tell Mason that they will go talk to Ziff.

Ellen and “The Bone” meet with the Lisks. Ellen tries to get them to find a different location for their daycare center, but they won’t budge. Jeff then says something that catches Ellen’s attention.

The guys sneak into a faculty event to talk to Ziff, who says that Mason was a student of his, that the mask is a myth and that Mason is unstable.
Back at the firm, in an elevator, Dan tells the guys that Rachel planted a virus in Infeld’s computer.

In the guys’ office, Ellen comes in and tells them that Jeff started spouting “prison slang” when “The Bone” irritated him. She thinks Jeff has a record and says that she has a call to a friend at the DA’s office. Peter suggests that Dan follow Jeff around. Jared then inquires if the “friend” is a woman. Ellen doesn’t answer and leaves. After she’s gone, Dan, who’s been listening, tells the guys that her friend is a guy. Jared hangs up on Dan and he and Peter see Dan acting odd in an opposite office.

In court, the guys file a motion that Mason’s contract with the storage facility is void because he’s basically crazy. Mason doesn’t like being called crazy. Karp fires back that their argument is ludicrous. Afterward, Mason yells at the guys for saying that he’s crazy. He adds that he thought they believed in him, calls them “dream destroyers” and storms away.

Ellen, Dan and “The Bone” meet with the Lisks. Ellen tells them that she looked into Jeff using “prison slang” and found out that June was convicted of selling marijuana to an undercover cop. Dan then adds that he found a blacked out greenhouse on their property and that the real reason they wanted to close “The Bone’s” shop down was to eliminate the competition.

Back in court, Karp had experts testify that Mason was lucid when he signed the contract with the storage facility. The guys then call Ziff to the stand to testify that Mason is unstable, but he changes his story on the stand.

At the guys’ beach house, Peter wonders why Ziff changed his story and thinks that maybe Mason isn’t crazy after all. They realize that they need to make Mason look crazy in court, but can’t do it themselves because it will look rehearsed. Jared then suggests getting Karp the updated witness list he wants.

In court, the guys call a Dr. Vincent Hor-Aha to the stand. They get people to keep saying “Hor-Aha,” which makes Mason act crazy thinking the curse is going to be invoked and dives under a desk. After the name is said 12 times in a minute and nothing happens, Mason emerges and apologizes. The guys subsequently win the case.

In the guys’ office at the firm, Dan asks the guys if he can move into Pindar’s room at the beach house now that he’s gone. They make up an excuse why he can’t. Dan then shows them footage that proves that Rachel got Karp drunk and then put the virus on Infeld’s computer. The guys then realize that Infeld is protecting Karp.

The guys go see Infeld at work. He tells them that Karp is innocent and explains that Rachel and Karp were in his office when he left on the night in question. Jared then says that none of this would have happened if Karp and Rachel hadn’t hooked up. Infeld replies that he shielded Karp because he didn’t think Karp’s career could handle another embarrassment. Jared then suggests finding a way to get Infeld back without incriminating Karp. Infeld is all ears.

The guys go with Mason to the storage facility. Before he opens it, Mason offers the guys half the value of the mask for believing in him. The guys move aside, but ultimately decline the offer, still unsure that there really is an ancient death mask in the unit. Mason opens the unit, shows the guts the death mask along with a certificate of authenticity from the University of Madrid. The guys then bicker about declining Mason’s offer.

Ellen finds “The Bone” and the Lisks together, all stoned. They tell her that they have decided to go into business together. The guys are also there and are stoned too. Ellen then reminds them of their meeting with Anita Haskins.

The guys’ interview Anita Haskins, while still high on marijuana. She tells them that she knows that they’re high, but she still wants to work with them despite her numerous other offers because she’ll get to be in the courtroom, where the other firms will make her “pay her dues first.” The guys then welcome Anita to the firm.

image courtesy of Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com



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