'Franklin & Bash' recap: 'Kershaw vs. Lincecum'

By Sari N. Kent,

Peter and Jared wake up at their beach house with no memory of what they did the night before except that they find Skee-ball tickets in their pockets. Suddenly, opera music starts blasting and Infeld is doing yoga naked in their living room. Peter asks him what he’s doing there. He replies that he “slipped” in the night before when they were “out cold.” He questions why he can’t drop by the house since he owns it and rents it to them at a “very favorable rate.” He then asks the guys the latest on getting his law license reinstated. Jared replies that it can’t be done until he “admits the truth.”

Infeld replies, “that Karp helped Rachel embezzle millions of our clients’ money?” Peter replies, “Yes,” but Infeld refuses to do so. Yet, Jared argues that if Karp hadn’t gotten drunk and slept with Rachel, she couldn’t have gotten the codes to access the clients’ accounts. Infeld replies that he wants “to look forward not back” and tells the guys that until he gets his license back, he’ll be staying in the master bedroom. Once Infeld leaves to go exercise some more, the guys talk about speeding up getting his license back and out of the house.

At the courthouse, Anita praises the closing argument Peter just gave in court. She then asks the guys when it will be her turn to argue in court and goes on how she can’t wait. Jared then gets a message that they lost a client because he won’t trust his business to anyone but Infeld. Then, they see Karp, who introduces himself to Anita. He then says that he’s heard a lot about her. The guys and Karp then trade insults and they mention how Infeld saved Karp, though he contends that he “carried” Infeld for years. Jared fires back that Karp “isn’t worthy of being anywhere near Infeld.” Karp then gets a text that his firm just signed the client the guys just lost.

The guys and Anita go back to the firm and are told that there’s a woman who came in asking for a divorce attorney. Anita begs the guys to let her have the case. Peter then sees their co-tenant, Dr. Beckman (Sex and the City's Willie Garson) talking to their property manager, Nate. The guys, who are worried that Beckman will get them evicted, ask Anita to “babysit” the client for a minute and get some general info out of her. The guys get one of their assistants to tell Nate that “the valet damaged a client’s Lamborghini and they won’t leave until they talk to the property manager.”
image courtesy of Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com

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