'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 8/11-8/15

By Sari Kent,

Mac told Maxie about Nathan’s feelings for her, Victor pushed Robin to use her new formula on Jason, Levi revealed his true colors to Nathan then beat and tied him up, Levi pulled a gun on Maxie at the wedding and demanded that Felicia hand over her Aztec earrings, Franco and Nina got stuck in a hospital elevator, Jason was revived and a shot was fired at the wedding!

At home, Emma video-chatted with Robin. Patrick got a call and avoided talking to Robin. It was Sam on the line, who told him how determined she was to get the goods on Nina. Meanwhile, Emma got a confirmation about the divorce from Robin, who promised Emma that they would always be family.
After Robin signed off, Emma cried and quizzed Patrick on the divorce. He assured her that it wasn't her fault.

When Robin got off with Emma, Victor told her how adorable her child was. They then bickered about him destroying her marriage. He replied that he thought she was the one to blame and told her to forget about this distraction. Victor then ordered her back to work and threatened Patrick and Emma’s lives. She complained so he got even more threatening. Robin then claimed that she had a breakthrough. He encouraged her to use her new concoction on Jason. She replied that she would rather try it on Helena or Stavros. Victor suspected her of wanting to kill his relatives and demanded that she try her formula on Jason immediately. When she refused, he then called in some goons to hold her back. While he injected Jason, Robin was held back by his goons, pleading for him to stop. Jason’s vitals began to rise, as well as his blood pressure. He was being revived! Then, suddenly, the alarms went off and Victor screamed that Robin had failed and that Jason was dead! Robin pleaded to let her administer defibrillation paddles, but Victor’s goons pulled her off at his command. Victor then moved to lower the lid of Jason’s chamber, but suddenly Jason’s hand popped up, preventing him. The goons then released Robin and she was overjoyed to see that his brain activity indicated he was waking up. Later, Victor had the goons grab Robin and he told her that her work was done and that he didn’t need her anymore. Robin wanted to take Jason with her but Victor refused. He intended to keep Jason and tap into his potential. Robin then reminded him of their deal. He told her that they never specified what would happen after Jason was revived. The goons then led Robin out while Victor chuckled to never trust a Cassadine. He then told Jason that his new life awaited him and Jason began to rise from the chamber.



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