'General Hospital' Weekly recap – Week of 8/18-8/22

By Sari N. Kent,

Nina told Franco that she saw Carly and Sonny kissing, Michael fired Tracy from ELQ, “Luke” had an unpleasant order for Ava, Sonny and Carly had sex, a fact she tried desperately to hide from Franco, Anna, Dante and Nathan stepped up their search for the kidnapped Lulu and Maxie, Franco learned that Nina could walk, Ned and Olivia made plans together as friends, Jordan asked Julian if Luke Spencer was their boss, Sabrina returned to town, Sam and Silas went through Rafe Jr’s belongings and were surprised at what they found and Patrick told Sabrina the real reason Robin left and about their impending divorce.

Anna was at the pier in the rain. She sent her officers out on tasks and then met with a coast guard to fill him in on the hostages. Dante and Nathan dug up a ship captain. He explained that Dunkleman and his partner took the women on his boat, that Levi kicked him off the vessel and that they sped off for Canada. Later, the coast guard approached to explain that they found the boat underwater. Dante worried that he would never see Lulu again. Nathan kicked himself for living with Levi for months and not seeing the truth. The coast guard then returned with more bad news. They fished out Maxie's veil.

Britt cleaned the marshmallow out of Nikolas’ beard at Wyndemere and then they kissed. He didn't think this was a good idea because he still had feelings for Elizabeth and told Britt that he wanted to start over with her. Then again, his feelings for Britt hadn't changed either, but he didn't want to hurt her. Britt wanted to sleep with him anyway, even if it was for only for one night. They then hit the couch. Elizabeth called, but Nikolas didn't pick up the first time. When she called a second time, he answers and she told him that Lulu had been taken hostage.

At GH, Franco and Nina were still trapped in the elevator. She admitted to seeing Carly and Sonny kissing. He wanted details and she gave them, but tried assuring him that it meant nothing. Yet, Franco had murder on his mind and began punching the door. Nina finally leapt out of her wheelchair to stop him. She then started pretending that she couldn't walk but Franco didn’t buy it. "What's your story Twinkletoes?" he wondered. She asked him to keep her secret and advised him to talk to Carly before doing anything stupid. Then, the elevator doors opened.

Down the hall, Felicia remained by Mac's side. Lucy tried calling for news. Then, Elizabeth showed up and they filled her in about the bloody “Dingleberry” wedding. Mac was very worried about Maxie so he called Anna for an update.

Sonny was at Carly's eating pizza and he told her how much he wanted her and that he was sure their kiss had gotten to her. Carly insisted that they were doomed as lovers and better as friends, but Sonny wanted more and claimed that nothing he could do would get to her if she actually loved Franco. She then claimed to be immune to the power of his dimples. He kissed her. She told him no, but confessed that she had been thinking of their kiss... but that they couldn't get back together. Then, Carly reiterated that she loved Franco. Sonny replied by challenging her to make him go. She told him to go, but before he got to the door, she stopped him and they started kissing.

Maxie, Lulu, Levi and his colleague got to shore. They went into a cottage. The women were sure that they would be found. "We're going to be together for awhile," Levi told them.

At GH, Alice woke up from surgery. Morgan, Ned and Michael then dispersed to call loved ones and get magazines for Alice. Once alone, Tracy told Alice to keep quiet. Alice reminded Tracy she had nothing to do with getting her heart. Michael overheard Tracy ask Alice if she was going to rat her out. Alice replied that she thought Tracy had turned her back on her family and told Michael that Tracy and “Luke” were plotting to take back ELQ. Michael then fired Tracy. She threatened a wrongful termination lawsuit, but he encouraged her to go right ahead.

Meanwhile, Olivia ran into Ned in the hallway and she was happy to hear about Alice. She thanked him again for helping her out with Sonny by kissing her, but said that he was officially off the hook. Ned replied that he was interested in continuing their friendship, that he really enjoyed spending time with her and asked her to a movie. She happily accepted.

At the nurse’s station, Rosalie was frantic looking for Nina and Silas told her Nina had been stuck in the elevator. She then gave him grief and he reminded her that he pays for her service, not her attitude and if she made one more comment, he was going to fire her, no matter what Nina said. Rosalie then ran into Morgan and told him how mean her boss was but commented how she would be the one with the last laugh in the end. She then brushed off Morgan’s questions and asked him how things were with his dad and ex. Morgan said that he was sure that there was nothing romantic between them, and then asked her how things are with her dad. Rosalie didn’t want to talk about it and asked him out for a drink instead. He replied by asking for a rain check.

Outside the elevator, Franco told Nina that he was going to talk to Carly. She wanted to be sure that he would stay quiet about her being able to walk, but Silas overheard Franco tell Nina that her secret was safe with him. Then, Franco left and Silas asked Nina what she had been keeping from him. She told him she had been skipping physical therapy so she could take art and that she was having a hard time getting over losing their baby. She then broke down into tears and told Silas it would drive a lesser woman mad. He was glad she told him and wanted to help with counselors. She wanted to keep doing art therapy and he agreed. They then ran into Rosalie and Silas left Nina with her. Once they were alone, Nina told Rosalie that b**** Ava was pregnant again.

Back in Alice’s room, Ned saw Tracy stomp off.

At her penthouse, Ava left a message for Delia, then got a birthday visit from Kiki. Ava was surprised to see her, Kiki told her that Alice’s condition reminded her that you only get one family. Ava then asked Kiki about her rough patch with Michael and Kiki told her that they were better than ever. She then told Ava that she was living with Morgan, renovating a brownstone, and shared how awkward things were with Silas since Nina had moved in. They then got to chatting and Ava was ecstatic to hear that Silas and Sam had broken up. Ava wondered if Silas and Nina were together and Kiki told her that if Nina had her way they would be. They then talked about how weird it would be for Nina and Kiki told Ava that Nina had put it all behind her. Ava laughed hysterically and reminded Kiki hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ava then warned Kiki to be careful around Nina but Kiki was sure that Nina was harmless.

At Carly’s, she and Sonny had sex in the bedroom, during which a picture of Carly and Franco fell to the floor and broke. Afterward, Carly was upset when she found the picture. "What have we done?" she lamented, but Sonny kept flirting and didn’t feel bad and said that he enjoyed every second of it. They started to go for round two but Carly scrambled when she heard Franco come home. Sonny refused to move from the bed until Carly convinced him that Franco would go to the cops about Sonny killing AJ if he found him there. She then met Franco downstairs and he confronted her with the knowledge of her kiss with Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny listened upstairs and Carly promised Franco that she pushed Sonny away. Franco then wanted to know whose wine glass was on the table.

Shawn and Jordan finished their latest sex romp at his place. Then, they realized they had been sleeping together for two weeks. She insisted that TJ needs to stay clueless about their relationship. Shawn worried about them working for rival organizations. While slipping on her robe, Jordan hinted that she didn't answer to either of the Jeromes. That raises some questions for Shawn, but she then was vague and changed the topic to his work for Sonny. Shawn warned her that their arrangement couldn't go on indefinitely and lectured her for dealing drugs to kids. Jordan claimed that she would soon be free of her bosses.

Kiki and Ava were having Ding Dongs at the penthouse. They blew out some candles but wouldn't tell each other what each had wished for. They then discussed Ava’s pregnancy and the baby started kicking and Kiki felt the bump. "You're having a baby," she observed. Ava then talked about miracles and thanked Kiki for coming. They cried a bit and hugged. Ava then sent her home because they were getting corny.

Ned and Michael walked GH’s halls. Ned wanted to know what was going down with Tracy. They worried about her reliance on “Luke” and talked strategy. Later, Kiki found Michael just standing around. She told him about her positive visit with her mom and he filled her in on the crisis with Tracy.

Tracy was at home talking to “Luke” over the internet. She informed him their plan was dead thanks to Alice. He defended his taking an “extended business trip,” but she thought it was time for him to come home. She didn't think she could keep fighting Michael on her own. “Luke” asked her to be patient. Then, Ned burst in and told “Luke” that his plotting was over and slammed the laptop shut. He and Tracy then bickered about the Quartermaine legacy. He insisted that “Luke” was a psycho and listed his flaws. She replied by slapping him when he suggested that “Luke” was only using her. "We're going to get back ELQ if it's the last thing we do!" she fired back. He then evicted her from the house. She couldn't believe he would do this so he reminded her of when she did it to him.

Back at the penthouse, Ava got on the internet to speak to “Luke.” He told her that he wanted the dirt she has on Sonny. She replied that it would take time. Luke thought she was useless so she offered to do some multitasking. He then asked her to kill Michael. She replied that she couldn't do that to her daughter. He shot back that he was sure Kiki could do better and advised her not to waste his time.

Sonny hid upstairs at Carly's while Franco questioned her about what she had doing. He assumed it was Sonny. Then, Bobbie showed up so Carly used her to cover up. Franco wasn't convinced and decided to check the bedroom. While he went upstairs, Carly admitted the truth to Bobbie. Sonny then called Carly to explain that he went out the window. She ran outside. Sonny then said that he wished he'd just snuffed Franco. Sonny then told Carly that he wanted to “do her every night.” Then, they made out. She then asked him to go and shut the door on him after he refused. Back inside, Bobbie tried convincing Franco that he was being paranoid. She advised him not to do anything to drive Carly away. They then went back downstairs. At Bobbie's prompting, he apologized to Carly and they embraced. Meanwhile, Bobbie shook her head.

After days of sex at the hotel, Shawn and Jordan reluctantly got out of bed and back to work.

Julian Skyped with “Luke” at the penthouse and “Luke” told him that he was about to give Sonny a very bad day, thanks to Ava. Suddenly, Jordan came in and startled Julian. She realized that he was chatting on his computer and asked if he was talking to Luke Spencer. She said that she was asking because she answered Mickey’s phone after he died and recognized “Luke’s” voice. Julian laughed and swore on everyone he held dear that the man she heard wasn’t Luke. Jordan then wanted to know who their boss was because she wanted in, but Julian warned her to stay away from their boss.

At home, Carly texted Sonny to stop contacting her. Then, Franco came in and apologized for acting crazy last night. He wished Nina had never seen her kissing Sonny at all. Carly begged him to stop apologizing and he promised to make it up to her when he got home, then they kissed each other goodbye. After Franco left, Bobbie demanded the truth from Carly about her and Sonny and said that she thought Carly really liked Franco. Carly admitted that she and Sonny had been getting close and after a few drinks they had sex, but afterward she told Sonny that they could never be together. Bobbie replied that she thought Carly had been lost ever since Jason died and didn’t want her to trade one mistake for another. Bobbie then added that she thought Carly was playing with fire.

Shawn entered Sonny’s office and told him that he had been sleeping with Jordan for a few weeks. Sonny was cool about it and admitted that was in no place to judge because he slept with Carly. Shawn then asked Sonny if he was ready to take Franco out but before he could answer, Carly arrived and Shawn left them alone.

At Silas’ apartment, Nina tried to figure out how to text Franco when Sam showed up. She asked to speak with Silas alone but Nina objected saying that whatever Sam had to say to Silas she could say it in front of her. Sam told her that it was about Rafe Jr. and none of her business. Silas then gruffly told Nina to go to physical therapy and she wheeled herself off. Once Nina was gone, Sam asked Silas if she could look through Rafe Jr’s cell phone and Silas brought her a box of his belongings. She found his phone and plugged it in. Silas found his wallet and they were shocked to see $500 cash was in it. Neither of them understood where the money could have come from and they ruled out Molly giving it to him. Sam then asked Silas if Rafe Jr. could have gotten the money from Nina. Silas then got defensive and told her that Nina wasn’t responsible for every bad thing that happened in town.

Sabrina surprised Patrick at home and told him she was better and ready to get back to work. Sabrina was shocked when he told her that he was fired when one of his patients was left brain dead and how he was accused of doing it on purpose because the patient was the one who ran them off the road. Sabrina was upset neither he nor Felix called her about this. Patrick replied that they weren’t sure if telling her would make her worse, but shared that it was Rafe Kovich. Patrick went on to tell Sabrina that Rafe Jr. was in a car accident with Molly and needed surgery. Patrick added that did everything he could to save Rafe but Silas didn’t believe him and things got contentious. Patrick then told her that he just found out that someone put Rafe up to running them off the road and he hoped that Sam would find out who.

Alexis ran into Ned at GH and he told her he and Monica kicked Tracy out of the house, that she and “Luke” had faked the annulment papers, and that “Luke” had changed. He then asked how she was doing after the fire and she admitted she hadn’t yet processed it and felt nothing. She added that they we almost certain that an explosive device planted by Mickey Diamond. Ned was shocked to hear the name and told her Alice now has his heart. Ned then realized that Mickey was an associate of Julian’s and Alexis shared that he never left the business. She then told Ned that she had broken things off with Julian and Ned replied that she deserves better. She almost believed it.

Later, Nina and Franco ran into each other and she asked if he confronted Carly. He told her that he did and that Carly pushed Sonny away. Nina was glad they worked it out and was sure Carly wasn’t lying to him like Silas did to her. Then, they talked about her secret and he realized that she wanted to blindside Silas like he blindsided her. “Turnabout is fair play,” she said as she rolled away.

At Silas’ apartment, he and Sam found a picture of themselves as Rafe’s screensaver. Sam then found a call from an unknown number on Rafe’s cell that lasted for 20 minutes, which was about an hour before the accident with Patrick, Sabrina and Emma. She offered to call Spinelli to help trace it, but wasn’t optimistic. She wanted answers for Patrick and Silas commented on how they have been spending a lot of time together. "Like you and your wife?" she shot back. She then asked if he and Nina were living as husband and wife but he replied that he sleeps on the couch. Before she left, Sam asked for Rafe’s phone and thanked him for going through his things with her. Later, Silas found a card for the Crichton-Clark coma clinic among Rafe’s belongings.

At the penthouse, Ava told Julian that their boss wanted her to kill Michael as revenge for ruining his plan to take over ELQ and Julian gave her a good dose of “I-told-you-so.” Ava couldn’t believe that “Luke” had changed so drastically. Julian then told her some of the truth, that the real Luke was taken captive by Heather Webber’s goons and was being held at Miscavige there and that their boss stole his identity. Julian added that he met their boss while he was in the witness protection program, he gave Julian his business and life back and then showed his true colors but doesn’t know who he really is. Julian then warned Ava that if she didn’t kill Michael, “Luke” would kill Kiki just to punish her. “Isn’t Kiki losing her boyfriend better than losing her life?,” Julian asked Ava.

At GH, Rosalie tried to calm Nina down but she was outraged that Ava was pregnant again, and to top it off, Ava didn’t know if the dad was Sonny or his son, Morgan. Rosalie then realized that she knew one of the possible fathers. Nina doubted that Morgan would give her the time of day, but Rosalie told her that she met Morgan in the park and that he was really broken up about the whole situation. Regardless, Nina was upset that Silas still hadn’t had sex with her. “What is she without a baby? Just a dry, old, barren woman!” she screamed at Rosalie, who reminded her that she would get everything she wanted and deserved. "Assuming you can get pregnant," Rosalie commented. Nina then raged that nothing was wrong with her and that would have whatever she wanted, no matter what. She went on to say that Silas was her first choice as a father for her baby, but that she wasn’t opposed to finding someone else. She also said that she didn’t even have to cheat since there were other ways to make a baby.

Meanwhile, Franco intercepted Michael, Morgan, and Kiki as they removed flowers from Alice’s room and asked if he could give them to Carly. Michael wondered what he did to his mother and Franco told them it was Sonny who should be apologizing for putting his hands all over Carly. Morgan and Michael then told him how many times Carly and Sonny have broken up and gotten back together. Franco then said some disparaging things about Ava and Kiki wanted to know what he meant by them. Franco didn’t reply and just took the flowers to go see Carly. Later, Kiki got a call from Ava with a dinner invite for her and Michael.

Carly went to Sonny’s office, outraged, to tell him that what happened between them would never happen again. She then added that if Franco found out, he would go right to the cops about him killing AJ. Sonny simply replied that they just needed to be more careful the next time. He then locks her in and told her that Franco was a slime ball and a psychopath, that he knew how she hated being wrong and then he grabbed her and kissed her. They got hot and heavy before Carly suddenly pushed him off. Then, he told her that there was something between them and that she needed to get rid of Franco. Carly fired back, accusing Sonny of sleeping with her just to get rid of him. He replied that it was just a fringe benefit and wanted her to admit that she had made a mistake being with Franco, but she wouldn’t. Then, she left as he called out, “See you next time.”

At Patrick’s, he worried to Sabrina that he hadn’t been a good friend to Sam. Sabrina replied that he could share anything with her and he made her promise not to tell anyone. Then, he told her that when Robin left, she didn’t go to Africa, that she went to help Jason, Sam’s husband, who wasn’t dead like everyone thought. Yet, now he was dead, but Robin still wouldn’t come home so he filed for divorce. Now Patrick wondered if he should tell Sam what he knew and that the truth might give her closure. Sabrina thought Sam would wonder what she could have done to save him and she would feel the hurt from his death all over again. He agreed, but couldn’t stop thinking about it when he saw Sam, who arrived and told Sabrina how good it was to see her. She then thanked Sam for helping them with clues about the accident.



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