'General Hospital' Weekly Recap – Week of 8/25-8/29

By Sari N. Kent,
Ava prepared to poison Michael, Coleman was questioned about Maxie and Lulu’s kidnapping, Ava learned of 'Luke’s' lascivious advances toward Kiki, Lucy gave Scott an ultimatum, Carly kept thinking about her sex romp with Sonny, Nina shocked Silas with her request, Patrick and Sam hung out, Nikolas made a move on Elizabeth and Nina got shocking news

Michael and Kiki wandered around GH discussing wrestling. She then announced that they were having dinner with her mom. He wasn’t thrilled and reminded her that AJ was killed in Ava’s penthouse. Kiki apologizes for being so insensitive and offers to call her mom and cancel, but Michael thought that visiting the place might give him some closure. He then mentioned how much he wished that his father's killer was rotting in the ground.

Ava returned to the penthouse with groceries. Julian chided her for taking the unnecessary risk. Then, she told him that she was making dinner for Kiki and Michael. He guessed that she was going ahead with the boss' demand for her to kill Michael. Ava assured Julian that she would be subtle about it, pulled out a vial of poison and said that Michael would peacefully die in his sleep hours after ingesting it. Only moments later, Michael and Kiki arrived with some sparkling cider. As Ava sadly headed for the kitchen, Michael paced around and felt uncomfortable. Kiki offered to make an excuse so they could leave, but he insisted on staying. Ava returned in an apron to say she was ordering in but had made the dessert herself. Then, Julian took off, quietly, but not before cracking a joke to Ava that “death by chocolate” was on its way. Then, the three sat down to an awkward dinner. Michael assured Ava that he would be a part of the baby's life, regardless of who the father was. Ava then noticed that he had barely eaten, even though the meal consisted of his favorites. "It's like you cooked him his last meal," Kiki said. Then, she reminded Ava that AJ was killed there. Ava tried to be sympathetic. Once they were all stuffed, Ava brought out chocolate mousse for dessert.

At his office, Sonny was on the phone advising Shawn to keep an eye on things. Then, Dante showed up. He told Sonny about the kidnapping and asked if he knew anyone who would fence Aztec jewels. Sonny suggested talking to Coleman. After Dante left, Julian arrived.

At the PCPD, Nikolas was barking at the private security guys he had hired over the phone. Then, Britt and Elizabeth arrived and tried to reassure him that Lulu would be found safe. Then, some cops ran by, talking about a “floater” by the pier. Nathan emerged to explain that it wasn't Maxie. Nathan and Britt then went off into a corner. She told him that she could see he was distraught about Maxie being in danger and suggested that he take a page out of their mother's book. Meanwhile, Elizabeth worried about Nikolas, who admitted that he didn't spend last night alone and then made excuses. Elizabeth then had to run off to make a call. When she came back, she caught Britt alone and accused her of exploiting the tragedy in order to get close to Nikolas. Britt shot back that she and Nikolas were about to have sex with Elizabeth called the night before.

Ned and Olivia went to The Floating Rib. She was worried why her Lulu hadn’t returned her calls, since she was starting her treatments that day. Then, she and Ned shared memories of Lois and Patrick Swayze. Then, she asked him what he did for fun. "My aunt Monica," he replied. He then explained the story of their affair and how at the time, he didn’t know Monica was his aunt. Then, Coleman strolled by, told them that he was filling in for Mac and about the kidnapping. Olivia panicked. Suddenly, Dante ran in and grabbed Coleman, smashing his face into the pool table and demanded some answers. Coleman insisted that he didn't know that anyone was going to get hurt.

Then, Nathan arrived and Coleman explained how he got involved with Scribner and Levi.

At the cabin, Maxie got one hand free but Levi returned. She wanted to know where Lulu was and lectured him about karma. Then, Lulu and Scribner came in with supplies. Maxie reached for the gun that Levi had left on a box, knocked it on the floor and Lulu grabbed it. She tried to hold the two men back, but Levi grabbed Scribner's gun and threatened to shoot Maxie. Lulu had to give up the gun and the women were tied up again. Maxie blamed herself for everything that was happening and said she was once again keeping Lulu from her baby. Lulu told her not to blame herself because she didn’t, Levi had duped them all! Maxie then started mocking Levi's inadequacies in the sack and asked him and Scribner to let them go. Levi replied that he had no intention of doing that and started waving his gun around.

Later, Nathan and Dante kicked in the door of the cabin and were shocked by what they saw.

At GH, Carly couldn’t stop thinking about having sex with Sonny. Franco startled her out of her memory and she told him that she owed him a romantic evening. He was confused since he was the one who had messed up, but she thought if she had just been up front about Sonny it would have saved them both the anxiety. Then, he handed her the flowers he had taken from Alice’s room and they headed out for their date.

Dante and Nathan entered the cabin where Coleman’s tip had led them, it was empty but there was a blood stain. Suddenly, Scribner stumbled out from the back of the cabin. He’d been shot. He choked out that he didn’t want to hurt the girls so Levi shot him. Then, he passed out. Dante and Nathan got him to GH and hoped to get the information they needed from him to find the girls. They then look for clues at the cabin and Dante found an old newspaper clipping about Frisco.

At The Floating Rib, Olivia and Ned discussed Coleman’s arrest. Then, Tracy arrived and started slinging insults at Ned and his “Bensonhurst Bimbo.” Ned finally shut her up and told her about the kidnapping. Olivia left to call Sonny while Tracy downed a drink. She told Ned that she loved Lulu like a daughter but hadn’t been able to get in touch with “Luke” when she called. Then, Carly and Franco came in and Ned got them up to speed on the kidnapping. Carly was upset and wanted to call Sonny but Franco encouraged her to let Olivia take care of Sonny. Tracy had another drink and left another voicemail for “Luke.” Ned guessed that he had more important issues to deal with than his daughter.

Julian went to Sonny’s office and offered a truce. Sonny wondered where this was coming from and Julian told him that watching Lucas get shot and Alexis’ house burn to the ground made him concerned for his loved ones. Sonny told Julian that they wouldn’t be safe until Julian stopped breathing. Julian then said that he could see that he was wrong to appeal to Sonny and warned him that he wouldn’t be going anywhere. Sonny then threw Julian out and on his way out, Julian told Sonny not to say that he never warned him. After Julian was gone, Sonny got a call from Olivia about the kidnapping. He talked her down from her worst fears and they made plans to meet at the PCPD.

Lucy went to PCPD and demanded to see Anna about Maxie and Lulu. Then, Scott arrived, glad to see Lucy and her legs. Lucy asked him for an update on the kidnapping and got upset thinking if had happened to Serena. He reminded her how strong and smart she was and that Lulu and Maxie were just as strong. Scott then assured her that they would all be okay. Lucy then demanded that Scott make a decision between her and Bobbie. He replied that he hadn’t made up his mind yet. Then, Carly stormed into the PCPD like a whirlwind and she and Franco prodded Scott for any info he had. He revealed that Scribner had been shot and that they needed him to keep him alive to find out where the girls were. Later, Lucy gave Scott an ultimatum, if he didn’t make up his mind soon he could lose both her and Bobbie. Then, she left and Franco made a comment to Scott about his nightcap the other night with Bobbie. Scott had no idea what he was talking about. Meanwhile, Sonny and Olivia showed up and assured Carly and Olivia that Dante would do whatever it took to bring Lulu home.

Ava handed Michael her killer chocolate mousse at her penthouse. He said that he detected notes of chili powder and espresso and she nervously encouraged him to dig in. Meanwhile, Kiki inhaled hers, but Michael said that he wanted to savor his. Ava then gave an impassioned speech about doing anything to protect Kiki. Michael told her that keeping Kiki safe was something they had in common, especially after “Luke” was all over her. Ava demanded details. Kiki downplayed it, but Michael told Ava how perverted and aggressive “Luke” was. Kiki then said that she was worried that no one would believe her and when she told Tracy she was furious with her. Michael then picked up his mousse and Ava vehemently knocked it out of his hand, apologized but said that she refused to continue with dessert like nothing had happened! She then said that she would make “Luke” pay. Then, Julian returned, Ava said she was tired and they should call it a night. Michael and Kiki thanked her for dinner and Ava promised Michael two mousses next time. Once they were alone, she told Julian that she had granted Michael a reprieve, how “Luke” had been targeting Kiki, and how he might have raped her if she hadn’t fought him off. Ava then added that “Luke” thought with “his bits and I’m going to cut them off.” She then made a move to Skype “Luke” but Julian stopped her. He told not if she pissed him off he could decide to kill Kiki to teach her a lesson. He then told since she decided not to kill Michael like “Luke” wanted, she had to offer him something of equal or greater value so he wouldn’t retaliate and that getting the recording with of Sonny killing AJ with Franco’s help was the only play she had left.

Back at GH, Michael and Kiki checked on Alice and looked for a sub-par replacement dessert. Michael thought today was not his lucky day.

In the cabin, Dante and Nathan agonized over the old newspaper clipping about Frisco. Nathan wondered why his picture was circled. Dante felt that they needed to contact Frisco and decided to start with Felicia. Dante headed to PCPD and told Nathan to go to GH.

At GH, Felicia and Mac were stunned to see Scribner, the guy who helped kidnap Maxie and Lulu, get wheeled in. Then, Anna appeared and filled them in on the latest. Then, Nathan arrived and showed Felicia about the old newspaper clipping. Mac looked thoughtful as Felicia said that she had tried to reach Frisco, but was told he was unreachable. Anna offered to contact the WSB herself. She phoned and discovered that her clearance no longer included access to Frisco's whereabouts. Then, she mentioned the strange things going on at the WSB and how Robert was undercover in Wisconsin. Mac then theorized that maybe Frisco didn't want to be found and that maybe he was behind Lulu and Maxie's disappearance. Felicia couldn't believe Frisco would go to such lengths over jewelry. Mac then asked if she was sure and reminded her of Frisco's history with the jewels. Then, they all went in to question Scribner about the newspaper clipping. He confessed that Levi was using an alias, he was actually Peter Harrell. Felicia replied that was her old ex-fiancé’s name

Silas turned off the news as Nina arrived home supposedly from physical therapy. He told her that he and Sam went through Rafe Jr’s things and found a business card from the clinic where she’d been in a coma. He wondered if it could be hers. She made an excuse but he didn't seem convinced. He held up the $500 and asked her where she thought Rafe Jr. could have gotten it. Silas then told Nina he had talked to Rafe Jr. at GH, before the accident, and he asked him for $400 to go on a camping trip with friends, but he never got the chance to give it to him. He then asked Nina if she gave it to him. Nina reminded him that her mother had all of her funds frozen, that she had seen Rafe Jr. before the accident, but they hardly exchanged two words. Nina then said that she thought this accusation was coming from Sam. Silas replied that he was just trying to figure out what happened. Nina said she understood then changed the subject to the fact that she still wanted a baby and that was all she thought about it since waking up from the coma. She wondered if he had a problem with that. Silas warned her that she may not be able to conceive, but she still wanted to make love to him. Then, Nina reminded him what he used to do to her. Silas replied that they were good until things got bad. Then, Nina got up from her wheelchair and undid her blouse. She invited Silas to either take her or reject her and said that she couldn't live in limbo anymore. Silas then picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Patrick arrived at The Floating Rib looking for a drink. Then, Sam arrived. She said Danny was with Alexis and he said that Emma was at a sleepover then fill-in bartender appeared. He said the other guy on duty got arrested. Over drinks, Sam told Patrick about getting into it with Silas over Nina. Patrick listened and then mentioned Robin briefly. They then decided to just have fun and play pool and whoever won had to tell the other person to do one thing. Sam then remarked that things just got interesting. Sam won. She told Patrick that he had to shave. Then, they toasted. He then asked if she had hustled him. She replied, "What do you think?"

At the PCPD, Franco warned Scotty to tread carefully and laughed that he wouldn't tell Lucy about that nightcap he had with Bobbie. Scott didn't know what he was talking about. Franco then told him about arriving home last night and Carly explaining away the two wineglasses by saying Scott had called Bobbie for a nightcap. Scott told Franco that he met her for dinner. Franco thought what Carly told him didn’t add up. Scott warned him not to get in the middle of Carly and Sonny because he was a bad guy. Franco then told Scott that he had a sinking feeling the story Carly told him wasn’t true. Then, Carly arrived, upset about Lulu and Sonny caressed her shoulder, but they ended up bickering about Franco. Carly then turned and Franco had disappeared. Sonny told her that when she realized she had made a mistake, he would be there. Carly found Franco with Scott as Franco was demanding to know what time Scott called Bobbie for dinner. Franco covered and noted that he saw Carly with Sonny. Carly said it was about Lulu. Then, Scott left, told Franco they were done and that he was grasping at straws. Meanwhile, Dante arrived and comforted Olivia. Then, Sonny told him that Anna wasn’t there and Dante freaked out a little bit. Olivia talked him down and then they left together. After, Franco and Carly ran into Sonny on their way out and Franco warned Sonny to stay away Carly.

At home, Dante checked in with baby Rocco while Olivia watched. After Olivia left, he began playing with Rocco on the bed, both of them were missing Lulu. Then, Elizabeth came by to babysit with toys for Rocco and told Dante that
Lulu had survivor in her blood.

Sabrina surprised Felix in the GH lab. He said that he wished he could have surprised her, but was stuck working a double, covering for Elizabeth. She replied that she hoped he was off doing something fun, like Lucas. Then, he filled her in about his almost-threesome and Milo’s love of Epiphany. He then added that hearing how Milo talked about her made Felix realize that was what he was looking for, someone to love him who he could love back. Later, she told him that someone had made Rafe Jr. run them off the road and she was determined to look into it. He replied that he was worried about her, but she promised that she was stronger now and owed it to Gabriel. He replied that he just wanted her to be careful.

At PCPD, Nathan worried about Maxie. Britt and Nikolas came by with food and Nathan told them that Levi was using an alias and his name wasn’t really Levi. Then, Anna arrived and pulled Nathan away to talk. Before he left, Nathan told Britt that nothing would ever stand between him and Maxie again. Later, Britt talked Nikolas down from worrying about Lulu. Then, she had to go to work and he worried about not having her support. She promised to check in later.

In the interrogation room, Anna told Nathan and Dante that a Peter Harrell was engaged to Felicia in 1984 and stole the Aztec jewels. Frisco and Felicia stopped him and Anna theorized that Levi was his son. Peter was shot and fell into a waterfall but later resurfaced and fled Brazil. She then added that there had been no record of him since then and the WSB wasn’t talking.

Back at Dante and Lulu’s, Elizabeth and Rocco looked at pictures of Uncle Nikolas when he suddenly showed up to see Dante. Elizabeth said that she wished she could help him and he told her how Britt had been a G-dsend. Then, she told him that she knew all about the two of them almost having sex, thanks to Britt. Nikolas replied that he didn’t know why Britt would tell her that and Elizabeth scoffed that it was because they both had feelings for him. He then admitted he almost slept with Britt but told her that he still had feelings for her.

Maxie and Lulu were tied and gagged somewhere unknown. Levi returned with a new haircut and food. He removed Maxie’s gag and when she started screaming he screamed right along with her to let her know no one could hear them. Then, he told them that the jewels were just the beginning, that this was personal, that Maxie was so much more than a hostage and that Lulu was as much a part of this as she was. Maxie taunted him until he knocked her cup out of her hand, comparing her to Felicia, who he called a lying, cheating b**** who only cared about Frisco. Lulu and Maxie continued to taunt him until he left in frustration. Then, they realized that he had used his phone to knock Maxie’s cup out of hand and it was now on the floor. Maxie got it with her feet and kicked it into Lulu’s hands. She then called Dante and he answered!

At home, Brad woke Lucas up by caressing him. They had been holed up for 48 hours and were three seasons deep into Knots Landing, glad it was just them. Brad suddenly realized that he had forgotten all about Britt and jumped up, but then thought she probably had been in bed with Nikolas this whole time. Then, Britt walked in on them kissing and said that could tell they had a good time. Then, she realized that they didn’t know about the kidnapping and filled them in. Lucas kissed Brad goodbye to go learn more. Once they were alone, Britt told Brad how close she was to having sex with Nikolas and that she was sure to tell Elizabeth.

At Silas’ apartment, in bed, Nina looked at Silas, innocently dreaming. She fantasized about stabbing him with a butcher knife until he woke up. They had some pillow talk and she asked if it was as good for him as it was for her. He gave it a 13 and thanked her for giving him the push he needed and they went for another amazing round of sex. Afterward, she asked him if he thought if they had made a baby. He didn’t want her to be disappointed but she replied that she just wanted everything back that was taken from her. She begged to stay in bed but he said that he had to go to work. He kissed her before getting in the shower. Once she was alone, Nina wanted to hate Silas but was overwhelmed with how incredible it was.

Back at GH, Nina approached Britt and they met as cousins. They talked about having crazy mothers in common and Nathan too. Nina was Britt’s next appointment and wanted to know if she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Felix told Brad that he was happy for him and Lucas.

Sabrina went to see Carlos in Pentonville. They hugged until the guard put an end to it. Carlos then asked about the baby, she cried and broke the sad news. As she explained everything that had happened with Rafe Jr., he noted that it all “makes sense.” She wondered how, he covered, but she guessed that he was hiding something. Carlos then warned her steer clear of Ava.

At the penthouse, Ava worried about “Luke” turning on her and her family, but Julian was smug and pointed out that she needed evidence against Sonny. Then, “Luke” called. Ava answered and made excuses for not killing Michael. She then said that she was sure they can get into ELQ by using Kiki to manipulate Michael. Inspired, Ava decided to head out and kick her new plan into gear.

Silas followed Franco around GH. Franco didn't want to talk but Silas needed to gab about Nina. Silas then issued Franco a warning and asked him to encourage Nina to return to physical therapy. That cracked Franco up. Once his laughter subsided, he told Silas how much Nina cared about him.

Down the hall, Nina and Britt headed into an exam room. Nina told her about repeatedly having sex with Silas over the past few hours and that she was sure that she could feel the baby already and started unloading about how her baby was stolen. Britt then agreed to run some tests. Nina then asked her if she had a baby of her own and Britt explained the long, convoluted story, which seemed to impress Nina. Soon, the results came in and Nina was miraculously pregnant. "Speaking of miracles," Nina said, standing up. Nina then snapped out of this fantasy. Britt then explains that the tests actually showed that she was in menopause, which was a shock. Nina then asked for a moment alone. Once alone, she wondered why everything was always taken away from her, but refused to feel sorry for herself. She then vowed to have Silas' baby one way or another. When she headed down the hall, she ran straight into Ava.

At Dante and Lulu’s, Nikolas told Elizabeth that he told Britt that he still had feelings for her. Tearing up, Nikolas admits that he loved Elizabeth even though their timing always sucked. He then tried to kiss her. "You're a royal jack a**!" she said, pushing him away. He was both offended and confused. She reminded him that he nearly slept with Britt the other day and that she wished he had because then they wouldn't be having this conversation again. Then, Nikolas complained that he hadn't had sex since March, started yelling and woke up baby Rocco.

At the mystery location, Lulu and Maxie managed to call Dante and Nathan. Lulu explained that they were in an indistinct house that wasn't big or small. Dante filled them in on what they had learned about Levi and they tried to trace the call, but Levi showed up and grabbed the phone. Dante tried to negotiate with him, but he hung up. The ladies then explained that they knew who he really was and called him “Petey.” That made him angry. Maxie made it worse by going on about how Nathan was “ten kajillion times hotter than Peter or whatever your name is.” Then, Peter eventually explained that Maxie and Lulu had very different fates in store for them and prepared to drag them out of there to go see his boss.

At the PCPD, Dante and Nathan suited up and headed out with some of their men. After they left, Britt and Nikolas showed up, looking for news.

Dante, Nathan and the other cops arrived outside of the kidnapping location. "Come out! You're surrounded," Dante called out.



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