Google buys new social media travel app Jetpac

By Kate Taylor ,

San Francisco based company Jetpac announced that it will be removing its social travel app from the Apple App Store. Google acquired the app this weekend.

"We’ve analyzed every pixel of public Instagram photos to bring you Jetpac city guides," Jetpac describes its mission on its site.

The Tech Times notes that Jetpac gives users unique city guides based on an image recognition system. The images are collected from social media and then analyzed to give unique information about a certain location.

Examples of the information the app can generate range from simply reporting a location's gender or age demographics, to even determining fashion trends.

Jetpac also announced that they will be officially removing the app for purchase on the Apple App Store over the next few days and that they will be ending app support for preexisting users on Sept. 15.

Jetpac said it is “looking forward to working on exciting projects” with their new colleagues at Google.

image via Twitter from DigitalTrends



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