Hawaii residents prepare for two major storms headed for the islands

By Michelle Kapusta,

Residents in Hawaii have been making preparations and stocking up on supplies as two major storms are threatening to hit the islands.

The Associated Press reported that residents were loading up on canned meats and bottled water on Tuesday as the unusual storms are expected to hit the islands later this week.

Oahu Tamura's Supermarket general manager Charlie Gustafson commented about how quickly the precious items were going.

"Just about every shopping cart I see has at least one case of bottled water. Some as many as eight," he said. "It's all flowing out very fast."

The National Weather Service has said that the event of both Hurricane Iselle and Tropical Storm Julio hitting the islands could be an effect of a developing El Niño pattern.

Reuters noted that National Hurricane Center said that Iselle was about 1,055 miles southeast of Hawaii and moving west at nine miles per hour. It is, however, expected to weaken over the next day or so. Julio was about 1,145 miles away from Baja California in Mexico and was moving westward at 13 mph.

image via Twitter by NBC News



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