The Holderness family is back with a parody called 'Baby Got Class'

By Mila Whiteley,

The Holderness family, known for their holiday viral video “#XMAS JAMMIES,” has released another song, this time singing about going back to school.

A remix of Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back,” the Holderness’ new video explores the excitement of school starting (for parents and children) and the difficulties of highly specific school supply lists. While all of this is being rapped about, the whole Holderness family participates, shopping together and dancing around a school bus.

Near the end of the video, there is a dedication placed near the bottom of the screen that reads, “To the amazing teachers who take care of our kids all year and don’t make enough money.”

The Holderness family lives in Raleigh, N.C. and consists of Penn Holderness and Kim Dean Holderness along with their two children Lola and Penn Charles as reported by CTV News. Penn Holderness used to work as a television host and news anchor and now works with his wife at their own marketing company, according to their website. Kim Holderness is also a former news reporter.

Check out the Holderness family’s “Baby Got Class—A back to school parody” video below:



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