Iggy Azalea's almost didn't collaborate with Ariana Grande because she was too young

By Jorie Goins,

Instead of one less problem, we almost had one less summer jam according to Iggy Azalea.

In an interview with GRAMMY.com Iggy Azalea shared that she was initially approached by Ariana Grande for a collaboration on Grande's debut album Yours Truly. At the time, Azalea believed Grande was too young to collaborate with, citing her stints on numerous children's shows.

"I felt that my music was…so risqué…I didn't feel like it was appropriate…but then I actually met her and found out that she's a grown up and I was like 'oh okay'," she said.

In reality, according to MusicTimes.com Iggy Azalea is 24 and Ariana Grande is 21.

Once the initial confusion over Grande's age was cleared up, the girls went on to record "Problem." The hit song went on to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts. This achievement made Iggy Azalea the first artist in 50 years since The Beatles to have a song holding the No.1 and No.2 spot on the Billboard charts. Her song "Fancy," another collaboration with Charlie XCX, held the top spot on the charts.

See a snippet of Iggy's interview here:

Video via Youtube Courtesy of: The GRAMMYs

Photo Courtesy of: INFphoto.com



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