Jackie Chan thinks it's time for him to slow down, says he hates violence

By Daniel S Levine,

For an actor who has built his career on action movies, it might be surprising to hear Jackie Chan say that he doesn’t like violence. However, the iconic actor explained recently that he likes his films to be realistic with action, but not pointless CG violence.

“When I direct, the film is like my baby,” Chan told the Guardian in an interview published over the weekend. Chan explained that he enjoys comedy that’s not dirty and realistic stunts.

“I like people to believe the stunts are real – it’s not like Spider-Man or Iron Man where a 20-minute scene can be pure CGI,” Chan explained. “I only use a tiny bit of special effects. I want it to be believable, so where I used to do a triple kick, I now just do one. Eventually there will be no kicks. There has to be plenty of action, but not violence.”

That does sound a bit odd, especially since Chan’s films feature plenty of fighting. But, even in his latest film, last year’s Chinese Zodiac, Chan tries to be inoffensive, with comedy and villains that everyone can enjoy. He believes that this is his recipe to international success.

“I have a dilemma,” Chan told the Guardian. “I love action, but I hate violence. There is so much violence in the world, from video games and from other movies. I want my movies to have a message of peace, and helping each other.”

Chan is now 60, so when he told The Associated Press that he may need to slow down, it’s not a surprise. After shooting a scene, “The next morning, you realize, wow, it hurts!” he said.

“Now my body tells me to slow down 30 percent and probably in another two years, 20 more, then 50 percent,” he said. “So slowly, slowly, then I will tell the whole world, stop doing action.”

In addition to Chinese Zodiac, Chan filmed Dragon Blade with Adrien Brody and John Cusack. In that movie, he focuses on swordplay more than somersaults.

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