Jaime Pressley reveals she had a mastectomy due to breast infection after giving birth to son

By Gina DiFalco,

Jaime Pressley made an appearance on The Talk and revealed she underwent a mastectomy after finding out she suffered from mastitis after giving birth to her son in 2007.

Mastitis is an infection on the breast tissue and Pressley admitted when she found lumps all over her breasts, she immediately thought of breast cancer.

"I still have some breast tissue left, but almost a full mastectomy," she said of her procedures,” she said. "[But] thank God it wasn't [cancer].”
ABC News notes its rare that someone being diagnosed with mastitis usually treats it with antibiotics. It’s rare that a case is so severe that it would result in a mastectomy.

In Pressley’s case, her mastitis spread and mutated “because it sat dormant for a while.”

"I have a high threshold for pain, I was a dancer for 25 years,” she said about not noticing at first. “When I had my son, I got mastitis but I didn't know, cause I thought it was just regular breast feeding pain."

Us Weekly reports Pressley was promoting her new show Jennifer Falls, which airs on TVLand.

image via INFGoff.com



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