Joe Budden wanted by police for allegedly beating ex-girlfriend

By Kyle Johnson,

Rapper Joe Budden allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend earlier in the week and now police are searching for him.

Budden is said to have smashed her head into the dashboard of his car, TMZ reported earlier in the week. That was only the start of the assault as he first grabbed her while she was outside of a New York City restaurant.

Budden then allegedly took her back to his residence in New Jersey and continued to savagely beat his model ex-girlfriend. All of this was said to be over Instagram photos Budden saw of her spending time with other men at a club.

While the rapper didn't contact TMZ, his lawyer, Nima Ameri, did to tell them Budden "looks forward to an opportunity to responsibly deal with and address the allegations so he may establish the actual facts."

The site added that update shortly after news of the alleged beating dropped on Thursday, but it appears he might never have tried to reach out to police after all, though that in itself isn't clear yet.

The New York Daily News is reporting that police are actively searching for the 33-year-old rapper, though he has been quite vocal on Twitter claiming innocence over the past few days.

While sources close to Budden's ex are saying it was quite a violent assault, police sources say that Budden only twisted her arm.



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