Judge overturns part of California 10-day waiting period law for gun owners

By Kyle Johnson,

A federal judge overturned part of a California gun law in California last week that required a 10-day waiting period to purchase a gun.

The waiting period was for both first time gun buyers and those who already owned guns, with the latter the part of the law U.S. District Judge Anthony Ishii had issues with, The Associated Press reports.

He ruled that by making gun owners wait 10 days to purchase another gun violated their Second Amendment rights since they already went through the process previously. "There is no evidence that a 'cooling off period' such as that provided by the 10-day waiting period, prevents impulsive acts of violence by individuals who already possess a firearm."

The part of the law regarding background checks and a waiting period for new owners will stay in place. Ishii stayed when his ruling will go into effect so as to allow California legislators a chance to put together a new bill.

Lead plaintiff Jeff Silvester said Ishii's ruling was "a great win for Second Amendment civil rights," according to Reuters.

It isn't yet known if state Attorney General Kamala Harris will appeal the ruling.



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