Katy Perry shares gruesome nose piercing video on Instagram

By Madeline Smith,

“Hot and Cold” singer Katy Perry decided to share a graphic video of her getting her nose pierced on Instagram.

The pop singer is always up to something outrageous, whether it is her candy-colored clothes or random celebrity boyfriends, so it is no surprise that Perry would shock everyone with a nose piercing.

Perry is also constantly altering her appearance, with crazy hair colors and goofy clothes, so it seems she decided piercings were the next step.

The superstar had a humorous, apologetic caption to go along with her gruesome video.

“Last time I did this I was on my own with a safety pin & cube of ice @ 13. This time I thought it was best I left it to the pro's. Sorry mom (again.)," she wrote.

Perry is very open about sharing pictures and videos on her Instagram account, so no one should be surprised that the video popped up on the account this weekend.

This summer, it has been rumored that Perry is back with her ex-boyfriend Diplo, according to TheCelebrityCafe.com. Perhaps the Prism singer is getting pierced up to impress him? The pair were reportedly vacationing together back in June while on a break from The Prismatic World Tour. Or Katy could just be acting as spontaneous and carefree as usual!

Perry is currently on The Prismatic World Tour. Tickets can be found on TicketMaster.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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