Kentucky Corvette Museum opts to fill in sinkhole, despite popularity

By Kyle Johnson,

The National Corvette Museum in Kentucky will completely fill in the sinkhole inside the building after all, despite the increased attendance and revenue.

Back in June, museum board members decided not to completely close up the massive sinkhole that swallowed up nearly 10 classic cars.

The sinkhole, which opened up underneath part of the museum, drew people interested in seeing the wreckage and the hole. So they decided to partially fill in the hole and leave a 25 by 45 foot section that was about 30-feet deep open.

But now, the board members have realized that doing so has become quite costly and so they voted on Saturday to fill it back up, KTAR reports. Officials say that the cost of needed safety features was quite high, easily exceeding $1 million.

"We really wanted to preserve a portion of the hole so that guests for years to come could see a little bit of what it was like," Wendell Strode, executive director, said. "But after receiving more detailed pricing, the cost outweighs the benefit."

In addition to the high cost of safety features and humidity controls, there were also maintenance costs associated with keeping the sinkhole partially open. "It wasn't practical to do it," Strode noted.

image of a classic Corvette courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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