Kim Kardashian's stepbrother Burt Jenner makes fun of her 'ugly cry'

By Gina DiFalco,

Kim Kardashian’s stepbrother, Burt Jenner, one of Bruce Jenner’s kids from his previous marriages, has dissed his famous step-sibling and has received much backlash for it.

Jenner, who’s Twitter account laments, “yes … I am related … lol …,” posted a photo of Kardashian’s many “ugly cry” faces on a T-shirt. “My new favorite shirt...” he wrote.

image via Instagram from Burt Jenner

Judging by the way most of the Kardashian clan fired back at Adrienne Bailon for her comments on Rob Kardashian, it will be interesting to see if anyone comes to Kim’s defense on this one.

While some of his Instagram followers were clearly amused and serious about purchasing one, with one writing “No for real, where do they sell this shirt?,” others thought he was jealous of her success.

"You are a pathetic nobody. You are a jealous little creature," wrote one of her fans.

What do you think, was this a low blow or just some funny sibling rivalry?

image via INFphoto.com



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