Kourtney Kardashian complains about mold in new home, old owner Keyshawn Johnson calls her a liar

By Daniel S Levine,

Kourtney Kardashian is now in a war of words with former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson. She claims that she was duped into buying his old mold-infested home in Calabasas, but he has called her a liar.

Kourtney bought the house back in January, after Johnson moved out of the home. He lived next to Justin Bieber and had once called police to complain about the pop star’s driving. (Bieber later moved out and Khloe Kardashian bought that house.)

Now, all months later, Kourtney had her decorator work on the home and the decorator allegedly found the mold, reports TMZ. The mold was only hid by a coat of paint.

Her family was spending time in the Hamptons and were about to move back into the house. However, upon hearing about the mold, she decided to move to a hotel. Her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick arrived a bit later at the hotel.

Hours later, TMZ reported that Johnson is crying foul, claiming that he never painted a wall in the house during his two-plus years of owning it. He says that his children slept in the room where the mold was found and he would never knowingly let his kids sleep near dangerous mold.

In addition, Johnson says that the mold likely grew after the sale was closed, when a bathroom pipe began to leak.

Sources told TMZ that Johnson has grown annoyed with the Kardashians, since they keep calling him about the problem.

Johnson gave TMZ a statement through his lawyer, in which he again reiterates that there was no water damage in the house when he sold it.

“Prior to sale, the house was thoroughly inspected by excellent, experienced inspectors that they hired. I don't know what has transpired since they moved into the house but I wish them well,” the statement concluded.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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