Latest Bryan singer sexual assault claims 'leaked out of desperation'

By Kyle Johnson,

The latest round of sexual assault claims against The X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer are reportedly not new, but rather were only just leaked out of "desperation."

As previously reported earlier Friday, the New York Police Department received a criminal complaint in May that the director sexually assaulted him on March 23, 2013. No charges were ever filed, just the complaint. A source says they are still investigating the case.

A source who spoke with the New York Daily News told the site that the latest claims aren't really new, but were just leaked in a desperate move.

"This is an old allegation that was leaked out of desperation to damage Bryan
after the civil lawsuits against him were dismissed," the source said.

Singer is only just getting over a civil suit from Michael Egan, who publicly accused the singer through press conferences, before the case quickly fell apart due to previous signed statements he made contradicting his claims and he even eventually lost his lawyer.

Egan finally dropped the suit this week, though he did so without prejudice, meaning he could refile in the future, which it wouldn't be a surprise if he did as he has shown a willingness to do that already.

image via INFphoto.com



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