Leonardo DiCaprio does ice bucket challenge while researching for environmental documentary

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio accomplished three works of charity in one Facebook post. The video on his Facebook feed showed that he was working to protect Alberta’s nature, donated money to ALS Association and also did the ice bucket challenge.

DiCaprio was touring in Alberta, Canada surveying the oil sands. According to Global News, the trip has been to gather research for an environmental documentary.

Reported by The Independent, a short YouTube video titled "Carbon" features DiCaprio stating, “The fossil fuel industry continues to pull that carbon out of the ground – they drill, they extract, making millions of dollars.”

While in Alberta, the actor completed the popular ice bucket challenge. The post on his Facebook page with the video reads, “I challenge Canadian Prime Minister Stephen. #StrikeOutALS.”

This nomination might be partly due to the perception that the prime minister is not supporting environmental preservation. First Nation's chief Steve Couroreille was also in DiCaprio’s video. Edmonton Journal reported Courtoreille as saying, “When it comes to environmental issues, we don’t feel that the prime minster has been listening to us.”

A donation of $1,000 was also donated to the ALS Association by DiCaprio, according to his YouTube video. This association works to find a cure for the rare but deadly Lou Gehrig’s disease.

image via Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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